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We just can’t help it! Comparing ourselves to others is the most human of emotions. We measure our own social and personal worth based on how we stack up – our lives, our attractiveness, intelligence, success – and if we compare better or worse! But it can also make us unhappy. Read More.

Looking For Your Life’s Purpose: Have You Had Enough Yet?

The Quest. The purpose of one’s life. The unique way we can finally be of the ultimate service to humanity and breathe a sigh of relief when we find our niche, our nest, the place we will know and own as ‘My Life’s Purpose!’ (Sorry; it really did warrant capital letters…)  Read More.

People talk a lot about success in today’s world. After all, everybody wants to be a success, don’t they? The word “success” is possibly the most aspirational word in the English language but why don’t people spend more time talking about what success actually means?  Read More.

Everyday we are confronted by situations that our outside of our control. It might be something as small as a stranger spilling our coffee in a coffee shop or as large as the stock market collapsing while we eat lunch.


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