Exciting Book Project The Healing Power of Nature

With many of us rushing through our days 24/7 is it any wonder we find ourselves out of balance and disconnected. The Energy Healing Magazine is launching a new book project for Summer “The Healing Power of Nature”.

We’re looking to bring together a group of amazing professionals within the Health and Wellbeing industry from all around the globe to share their thought provoking insights and knowledge on how Nature can not only improve our health and wellness but also heal us, if we give her some time.

If you ‘d like to share some tips on any of the following – there are endless possibilities here, we’ve just mentioned a few ideas to get you started:

Subjects We’d Like To Cover

  1. How Nature can improve your mental health by i.e. uplifting your mood, feeling the freedom of open spaces and beautiful scenery.
  2. By making changes to your living space i.e. bringing Nature inside can this enhance your wellbeing – a piece of art or adding some indoor plants.
  3. We all know we should eat healthy and many of us do but for those looking to improve on this what foods should we be eating to help to avoid illnesses i.e. diabetes, cholesterol?
  4.  Getting out in Nature can improve your fitness i.e. join a walking group or take up a sport.
  5. Why does Nature can and has a powerful impact on our mental health and wellbeing?

If you’re a professional nutritionist, mindset, mental health, fitness coach or work in home décor/design/Feng Shui we’d love to hear from you. We will also spotlight personal stories of people who have overcome challenges where Nature has played a huge part in their recovery.

“The Healing Power of Nature” will be produced as a paperback book as well as an E-Book.  Should we use your chapter we will publish your image at the end of your work as well as your bio including your contact details, social media etc…

To propose a chapter contribution, please complete the form below:

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