The Top Ten Energy Healers of 2023

Unveiling the The Top Ten Energy Healers of 2023

Can you feel the positive vibes in the air? It’s time to celebrate resilience and excellence in the world of energy healing!  After navigating through challenges, we’ve uncovered the extraordinary talents of our Top 10 Energy Healers for 2023. Can I get a virtual drum roll, please?

Picture this: a collective journey of healing, where these incredible individuals have risen above the trials, sharing their light and wisdom with the world. Each one of them has a unique gift, a special touch that brings solace and transformation.

So, let’s join hands in applause for these luminaries who’ve dedicated themselves to the art of energy healing. Their passion, dedication, and spirit have not only healed hearts but also inspired countless others to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and well-being.

As we unveil the names of the Top 10 Energy Healers for 2023, let’s remember that in every challenge lies an opportunity for growth. These energy healers have shown us that even in the face of adversity, the human spirit can shine brightly.

May their stories ignite a spark within you, encouraging you to embrace the healing energy that resides within and around us. Here’s to the transformative power of energy healing, and to a future filled with endless possibilities and positive vibrations!

These Top Ten Energy Healers have been recognised for their outstanding contribution made by their best business practices, in their local communities or by inspiring and mentoring other Energy Healers.

Please Note: Our intention is not to offend any other brilliant energy healers out there, we must point out that this list is by no means exhaustive or definitive.  All of the nominee’s have all been nominated through our call-outs via The Energy Healing Magazine for exceptional Energy Healers around the globe. Congratulations to you all from Jacqueline Rose, (editor) and the team…


The Top Ten Energy Healers of 2023 are:

Akleema Ali

Akleema Ali is Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner living in Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean. She is the owner of The Reiki Lighthouse and is passionate about educating people in the Caribbean about Reiki, which is a Japanese method for stress reduction and promoting peace within oneself.

While she started in the traditional field of mental health & counselling, over time her interest has widened to include the healing modality of Reiki. Read More:

Kathy Eilers

Kathy Eilers is one of the practitioners of One Elite Energy living in the USA. Kathy is a master healer who has studied and attained the certification of Reiki Master Teacher & is also a shaman. She is a psychic medium and an empath. Kathy’s journey as a psychic medium began as far back as she can remember. Once she learned the ways of the Shaman, the information on how to heal others has never stopped flowing. Kathy receives messages & guidance on how to help heal what is causing discomfort for her clients.  Read More:

Simon Hay

Simon Hay is an accomplished healer, medical intuitive and evidential medium. He intuits accurate information about people and spirit, has performed numerous successful healings, and is well respected in the field of energy healing and alternative health. He travels throughout Australia and the world conducting live events, healings and readings for clients. Read More.


Ariel Hardy

Ariel Hardy is a self-taught energy healer, working full-time in the field of energy work since 1997. She has spent most of her life living a minimalist lifestyle with no television. She was born in California in 1968, but was raised in West Virginia where her family lived off of an acre sized garden and heated with wood. In 2002, Ariel moved to Denver, Colorado to raise her daughters in a more progressive state and to reach more people with her energy healing work. Now that her daughters are in their 20s, Ariel enjoys doing long distance energy tune-ups instead of the longer sessions. Ariel is having a blast creating fun Instagram Reels and videos where she teaches all that she has learned as an energy healer for 27 years. The rest of her time is spent walking her dog at the creek, working in the yard, and learning Ayurvedic cooking. Read More:

Belinda Aloisio

Belinda is a leading International Transformational Life Coach, specialising in powerful and intuitive coaching, Rapid Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy for greater alignment and empowerment.  As a provider of energy healing, she recognises that practitioners require energy healing themselves to ensure they look after their clients and deliver the best possible outcomes. Read More:

Danielle Ingenito

Danielle is a Certified Intuitive Reiki Master, Psychic, Medium & Life Coach and has helped thousands of women take their power back in her challenges and transformational programs.

She has nurtured a 65,000 + person following on both Facebook and YouTube. Danielle is a sought-after speaker on podcasts and summits, including AVAIYA University, and has been featured on Authority Magazine, Thrive Global & UpJourney. Read More

Jessica Boston

I’m Jessica Boston HPD, CCHyp, DipCHyp. A multi-award-winning cognisomatic hypnotherapist and trauma-informed coach with over a decade of experience. Drawing from my work with thousands of clients and my unwavering commitment to ongoing training, I facilitate profound and lasting transformations through my life-changing trauma healing programme Homecoming, my talks and workshops and through my Hypnosonic TM albums. Read More

Andrew Hackett

After 20+ years in Business Management Consulting, Andrew has turned his attention to the individual behind the success, after realising that everything that happens in our life and in business is a reflection of who we are. Success comes from personal exploration and growth. It can be taught, and it can learnt by anyone. Andrew believes the world needs a different perspective to awaken us from our Fear driven slumber. That we just need someone to explain Life in a different way. Read More

I believe in thinking differently and challenging the status quo. I tailor what I know to support you to resolve any traumas and rewrite your limiting, negative beliefs. Everyone has the ability to be happy, pain free, fulfilled and successful. I just want to transform lives and help people be the best version of themselves. Using coaching and mentoring methodologies, combined with energy work I uncover the core issues blocking your success. Read More

She works on the whole family unit too and has a special affinity for special needs kids. She is also an NDIS provider. As a practitioner she is generous, loving and inspiring. Her philosophy is that the body and our soul is wise and can heal, the focus is therefor to support the client to heal themselves. Returning the power back to the client. Read More

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