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The future of luxury is not leather. The consumers’ demands are changing the face of the industry, forcing designers and retailers to ditch animal-derived materials in favour of cruelty-free alternatives that look great without causing suffering.

The fashion industry is starting to replace certain animal products from their offerings. Leather has reigned supreme in the fashion world for way too long! Not anymore though, vegan leather is in, and it’s here to stay.

 Ania, the owner of a vegan brand called  FERRON, shares her views on why we should be investing in vegan leather products. 

Ethical Reasons

“For some people there isn’t necessarily an ethical component to the definition of sustainability whereas for me and my brand, ethical reasons are at the core! I love animals, and don’t agree with using them for food, entertainment and clothing! I want to demonstrate how a luxury fashion brand can push the boundaries to make products that are beautiful, sustainable and cruelty-free.

At the British Fashion Awards, Meghan Markle said, that whilst it was once ‘cool to be cruel’ in the fashion world, it was now ‘cool to be kind’. And I couldn’t agree more! I don’t want to sound too preachy and out of sorts, but do you really enjoy wearing a dead body on your skin? Looking at it in your wardrobe, touching it?

While leather requires the skin of animals, faux and vegan leather offer alternatives that keep us looking good and doing good. And it warms my heart to see more and more people are turning to brands that don’t use leather altogether! And if you’re in the market for a vegan handbag, there are plenty of chic designers and affordable options out there.

Environmental Reasons

“There’s also the common argument that leather is better for the environment because it is “natural,” while its synthetic alternatives are made with polyester or acrylic. What some forget to remember is that an animal leather decomposes when it’s natural, but after all of the chemical treatments applied to a leather product, it isn’t going to decompose in their wardrobe, or when they are done using it! 

The leather alternatives look just as good as their traditional cousins, and they’re much better for the environment! And as much as I do understand that synthetic alternatives come with some environmental concerns, I still believe that they have less impact than animal skins. For more information and details in relation to the outcome of two major studies, Pulse of the Fashion Industry and Kering Environmental Profit & Loss (EP&L).


Vegan leather is not only better for the world, it’s better for our closets and wallets too: vegan leather is almost always cheaper than the real thing, and can be versatile and adapted to whatever our needs are. There are brands, including FERRON, that are crafting vegan handbags and purses, proudly wearing that “cruelty-free” badge and are definitely more affordable than their leather counterparts!

They Are Just As Beautiful As Non- Vegan Bags!

The market offers a range of equally as good-looking products as their designer leather cousins! Vegan-friendly handbags are a wise investment to make now. So why not to try and bypass turning leather into a seasonal fashion and having cows part of fast fashion?!

Be Part Of The Change!

Life is about change. And the change is happening, whether you’re vegan or not! We all know veganism is booming – no longer a fad, or a fringe lifestyle. Veganism is not a movement; it’s normal. 

I never thought I’d own a vegan handbag brand, nor that I would not be eating meat! Having learnt what I’ve learnt about the animal industry and its cruelty, I changed some things in my life and I am loving what has come with it!

Join us, I dare you! 🙂


About The Author

I’m Ania Mroz-Pacula and I’m a Managing Director and a proud owner of FERRON, vegan and cruelty free designer handbag company. 
When I’m not working or researching ways to lower my negative impact on the planet, I’m usually busy with my 4 years old rescue Beagle- Harrier, Oscar, who loves exercising more than I do! I volunteer at Launchpad Reading (homelessness prevention charity), organize & attend Meetups in Reading and London area. I travel whenever I can too.

Languages: Polish (native), English (excellent), Japanese (imaginary proficiency)
Interests: Do Good Brand, Sustainability, Low Waste, Ethical Fashion
Superpower: Human Connector

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