Hana Mendes – Co-Creating With The Universe

We are creative beings, and the purpose of our life is to expand and to experience joy, bliss and pleasure. And with expansion comes change, a constant change. Allowing yourself to flow with the change and the guidance from your higher self is what creates an effortless manifestation. Life is always expressing itself through you and the more you allow this to happen the more fulfilment, freedom, peace and abundance you will experience. But this also means taking the inspired action which often takes you out of your comfort zone. This is where many get stuck.

Life Is Always Expressing Itself Through You

What are you being called to create and birth in your life? How is life wanting to express itself through you? You might be called to express yourself through a movement like dance, it might be arts, crafts or writing. It might be a new business you are being called to bring to life, a new offering, a program. Life is constantly moving through you and each time you birth something new, the world around you expands.

Everything connects and compliments each other. As you create something in one area of your life it will inspire and naturally flow into another. For instance, I’ve been inspired to create a new digital art, something I would have never thought to do. But I was curious and started playing. This led me into creating a whole new visual branding for my coaching business. I’ve created something that I couldn’t have even envisioned or put on my mood board, let alone ask someone to create it for me. It was completely aligned.

Your Intention

I had an intention to do this few weeks ago but it didn’t feel this was my top priority then and so I let it go and then only few short weeks later it flowed so naturally and came into fruition with the least effort. Often all you need to do is to put an intention out and surrender it to the Universe to take care of the details. All that is required on your behalf is to take the inspired action when it presents itself. This is the magic of co-creation with the Universe.

I invite you to listen to what are you being guided to create, birth, manifest in your life right now? What are those little whispers of your soul guiding you to? And ask, ‘What is my part in co-creating this?’


About The Author

Hana Mendes is a women transformational guide, divine feminine teacher and spiritual coach. She is also a founder of plant-based food blog Nirvana Cakery and a devoted mother.

She’s clairaudient, deeply connected to Mother Earth, her soul’s guidance and the message she came here to share with others. She brings together the spiritual and practical gifts and skills to guide and empower you to step into being the woman you desire to be.

You can follow her journey on her Instagram page or join her Your Power Your Light Sisterhood Facebook group.





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