Review For Wild – The World’s First 100% Compostable And Biodegradable Refill Deodorant

Wild – The World’s First 100% Compostable And Biodegradable Refill Deodorant

Don’t you find you tend to use the same products and brands for years just out of habit? These products might not fulfill all our requirements but hey at least we’ve used them as part of our daily hygiene routine.

Today we will be reviewing deodorant a product that sits in our bathroom cabinets and one that does not seem to have changed much over the years. We’ve all heard the arguments about the increasingly worrying side effects of spray deodorants as experts have warned that over-using spray deodorants leads to inhaling chemicals from the aerosols that can cause allergic skin reactions, asthma and breathing difficulties. Then there are the roll-on, which do the job of keeping your armpits smelling fresh but the downside is they can mark and sometimes even ruin your clothes.

Both spray and roll-on deodorants/antiperspirants come in plastic or areosols filled with common chemical ingredients such as  parabenstriclosan, phthalates, propylene glycol and aluminum. Research has linked these ingredients to several medical conditions. Not good to hear at all… But why is it many of us still continue to use them?

That’s why when we were contacted to review a new type of deodorant that’s the world’s first 100% compostable and biodegradable it spiked our interest here at The Energy Healing Magazine as a must try product to review. A member of the team has been trialing Wild deodorant for a month and we’d now like to share our findings with you.

Wild deodorants come in a pleasing packaging that is Aluminium free with compostable, plastic free refills definitely a huge plus point in our view as we see companies taking more responsibility not only for their packaging, but for our environment and the planet too. We loved the idea of using refills as again this cuts down on the production and usage of more packaging.

These beautifully thought out deodorants are packed with a careful blend of essential oils, PH levellers, moisturising natural oils, active naturals, and hydrating agents a perfect formula that actually works and are easy to use. We found the deodorant stick is a great shape (oblong) that only takes a couple of strokes under each of your arms to keep you fresh and dry all day. Our team member has been using this deodorant ( 43 grams per refill) for over a month and there is still plenty of the stick left. Wild’s guidelines say with daily use this refill should last about a month.

Wild has produced an exciting fresh range of fragrances for you to choose from  such as Mint Fresh, Bergamot Rituals, Rose Blush, Orange Zest, Coconut Dreams.  We have been sampling the Bergamot Rituals, which has a light fresh fragrance that is not over powering like lots of the well known commercial brands in the market. Also great to hear is all of Wild’s products are cruelty-free and are absolutely never used on animals to test any of their products or ingredients. We have been advised these deodorants are gluten free and suitable for vegan use.

You can purchase the refills from We Are Wild’s website – but only in denominations of  3 x refills (you can mix and match your fragrances) at a time for a price of £18. All shipping to the UK is included in this price, which we thought was a great offer and not an expensive purchase when you to have shipping included.

We loved the idea that Wild belong to a climate charity ‘On A Mission’ and every deodorant they sell they will contribute a percentage of sales to this chosen climate charity, to support their incredible reforestation projects.

Great to see new companies taking the initiative to re-think not only the packaging of a deodorant but also using natural ingredients that are not harmful to use when applying daily to our skin.

The Energy Healing Magazine highly recommends Wild Deodorant to our readers and would like to award them a nine out of ten for all the great benefits of using such a great product.

If you’d like to try Wild Deodorant for yourself then visit their website:

Please Note: You will need to purchase a case first for your refills – There is a green button on the homepage that says ‘Go Wild’ and it will take you here:

Customers can then choose their colour case and then the next page will give them the option of the subscription service or one-off purchase where they will go on to choose the scents they want:

You’ll have the initial option to choose your plan of:

Subscribe & Save (£12)
1 x case & 1 x refill + join our flexible subscription.


One Off Purchase (£25)

1 x case & 3 x refills of your choice.

About the Company

Wild was founded in 2019 by childhood friends, Freddy Ward and Charlie Bowes-Lyon who are an experienced team based in London but originally born and bred in Scotland. Their range of refillable deodorants are the first of their kind to be 100% compostable and biodegradable.

Their collection includes a range of five new scents that are all free from harsh chemicals such as parabens and aluminium salts that a typical antiperspirant might include. Their refillable deodorant range is just the start of many natural alternative products to come.


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