Sven Huckenbeck Our Guest “On Let’s Talk Energy Healing”

Sven Huckenbeck

Sven Huckenbeck Our Guest “On Let’s Talk Energy Healing” with Jacqueline Rose

Sven Huckenbeck, MSc, University educated sport scientist and holistic spa concept designer with over 20 years’ experience in the health and spa industry. Since 2020 working as Spa Director and project development in The König Ludwig – Inspiration Spa, Schwangau, Germany.

Also extensive experience in biomechanics and also in treatments such as myoreflex therapy, acupuncture-massage, naturopathy and relaxation massages. Practical teaching of various massage techniques and his own bio-balance concept, a combination of bio-mechanical and mental balancing, energetic harmonizing and neurological reset for alignment and presence. Due to his decades of experience as a therapist and the development of his unique treatment concept, he combines body and soul work in an unprecedented depth. The holistic effect delivers excellent treatment results with a positive impact on sports (amateur and professional), health, beauty, mind-set and coaching processes. Vast know-how of various fitness and sports therapy concepts.

Not forgetting some beautiful music composed and brought to us by Gabriella Angel in Stockholm, Sweden– “Amor Vincit Omnia” for our welcome and sign off to this fourth series podcast shows.

The Energy Healing Magazine bringing together professionals energy healing practitioners and brilliant composers from around the globe to share their inspirational knowledge and energy healing music with you.


This podcast is also brought to you in association with the book The World Of Energy Healing Phoenix Edition. Sven also shares a chapter in this book. Available from our shop here on The Energy Healing Magazine or Amazon.

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