Catherine Way – How I Maintained My Fitness As A Working Mom During Lockdown

Living a fit lifestyle may seem near impossible. With gym closures and cold winter months, it is harder than ever to start or stick with a fitness routine. Combined with the additional challenges of working from home, many are wondering if a fitness lifestyle is even possible?

When gyms closed, many people (myself included) scrambled to find the best ways to try and maintain our fitness. Online workouts and fitness trends and equipment were hard to find or even know who to use. Many were adjusting to working from home the first time, while many more juggled school for their children as well.

Through lots of trial and error, I have been able to find the right routines and habits to make maintaining fitness easy despite the lockdown. Here’s how I did it…


One of the top pieces of advice pushed out when lockdown started was to stick to a routine. When it comes to fitness this is one of the most important and hardest rules to stick to. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, a routine is crucial.

So how do you set a fitness routine during a lockdown? First, start by planning your daily routine as it is right now. Look and see if there are any ways you can fit 20-30 minute workout routines in that time either morning or night. I personally found it was easier to do my workouts in the morning as a part of my daily prep for the day, as it made it easier to focus and feel more accomplished.

Another way you can set a routine is to already know what kind of workout and the length of the workout you want to do that day. So from HIIT workouts, strength, dance, or even yoga – determine what videos you would like to follow and have them saved and prepped for when you will work out.

Planning your workout routine makes it easier for you to actually stick to a routine! When planning your fitness routine, have a goal in mind, and plan your workouts to match those goals. Allow yourself some time to get acclimated to your new routine. Once you have a program you like or want to follow it’s as simple as sticking to that workout routine 3-4 times a week!

Mix It Up

One common reason people abandoned their fitness routine is that it becomes boring and stale. Doing 50 sit-ups in a row for week’s on end is going to become tedious, and no fun. Therefore it is necessary to mix it up.

How can you have a routine and mix up your workout routines? Despite lockdowns, it is easy to find and try new types of workouts. From kickboxing, ballet, or even fencing, there are hundreds of thousands of different types of video’s online for free you can incorporate into your workouts.

You can even plan ahead of time to have one ‘Movement Day’ where you can try or test out different kinds of workout routines or hobbies. Trying new things is a great way to make your workouts and fitness fun.

Include The Whole Family

As a remote working mom, finding ways to decrease screen time was a top concern during lockdowns. We were able to find ways to make fitness fun and interesting for the whole family.  Thankfully fitness is a great way to make sure your family can spend some quality time together.

Of course in the warmer months walking as a family was easy. It was a fun adventure to rediscover the parks or town. As the months have gotten colder we had to find more creative ways for all to get involved. Sometimes it is as easy as having races with my son, or even asking what kinds of ‘Moving’ video they would like to try.

By involving your family you can be exposed to new types of fitness or workouts you would have never tried and may find your new favorite. By involving the whole family you also build accountability to hold each other to fitness goals and to see who gets the strongest over time.

How will you continue to stay fit during a lockdown?


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Catherine Way graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s in Advertising. As a freelance content marketer, she enjoys creative outlets like writing, designing, dancing, and modeling. She currently writes and reports for: Prime Plus Mortgages: Hard Money Lenders Arizona

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