Tracy Fance Shares Embracing The Magic Of Mind Healing

Within you lies an incredible power – your mind. It shapes your perceptions, influences your emotions, & directs your actions. Sometimes, however, this power becomes diminished by trauma, whether that’s big trauma such as war, or abuse or small traumas such as bullying, or everyday events that you may not even realise have left a mark such as a teacher making you feel ‘not good enough’, or feeling your sibling is the ‘favourite’ this gives rise to disempowering beliefs – those beliefs that limit you, hindering your personal growth & wellbeing.

This is where the realm of mind healing reveals itself, especially through the remarkable technique known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). In this article, I’ll embark on a journey to explore how NLP can empower you to transform your trauma by dismantling your disempowering beliefs and replacing them with empowering ones, guiding you towards being able to heal the trauma, grow as a person & tap into the wonderful full potential of you.

Understanding Your Trauma And Associated Limiting Beliefs

Trauma, whether arising from a single defining moment or a series of prolonged experiences, can leave an indelible mark on your mental and emotional landscape. Often, it manifests as disempowering beliefs – those insidious thought patterns that undermine your self-worth, confidence, and overall wellbeing. These beliefs act like invisible barriers, limiting your potential and perpetuating cycles of pain and suffering.

Examples of disempowering beliefs might include thoughts such as “I don’t deserve to be happy,” “I’m flawed,” ‘I’m not good enough’ ‘Nobody loves me’ or “I can never overcome this.” These beliefs are rooted deep within your subconscious mind, you may not even be aware you have them, & these ‘stories’ we’ve told ourselves resist conscious efforts to change. Yet, this is precisely where the magic of mind healing comes into play.

Unveiling The Magic: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, mostly known as NLP as it’s much less of a mouthful, is a transformational approach that couples the intricate dance between neurology (your nervous system), language (both spoken and unspoken communication such as body language), and programming (learned behaviours). NLP’s purpose is to assist you with personal change and growth by rewiring the way you perceive and process your experiences.

The magic of NLP is its ability to access your subconscious mind and reshape your limiting beliefs using an approach that involves language patterns, visualization, and restructuring how your mind works so it behaves in a way that benefits you.

Let’s Delve Into How NLP Can Weave Its Magic In Your Journey Of Mind Healing:

 Reframing Your Beliefs: NLP techniques offer you fresh perspectives on your disempowering beliefs. You’ll begin to question the validity of those limiting beliefs, once you don’t believe something to be true, it’s impossible for that belief to influence your behaviour or thoughts.

Anchoring Empowering States: With NLP, you can create powerful “anchors” that associate specific triggers (like a touch or a word) with positive emotional states. These anchors become your tools to summon empowering emotions, effectively replacing those disempowering ones. I use these to help people overcome anxiety or to neutralise situations that used to cause stress.

Language Patterns And Suggestions: Your choice of language plays a pivotal role in shaping your beliefs. NLP Practitioners will guide you through the use of specific language patterns and suggestions, helping you rewrite the unhelpful stories & beliefs you’ve created into empowering affirmations.

Exploring Your Timeline: NLP includes techniques such as timeline therapy, where you revisit past experiences to release the emotional content attached to them, by doing this you are able to heal on a very deep level, let go of the past that is causing issues in your life now and allow you to grow.

Transforming Your Senses (Sub-Modalities): NLP invites you to explore the sensory aspects of your mental images, sounds, and sensations that are attached to the memories which are linked to your beliefs. By altering these, you can diminish the intensity and impact of disempowering beliefs, freeing yourself of their effects.

The Magic of Mind Healing Through NLP For Health

As an NLP practitioner, I use all of the above tools & more to help my clients heal. I mostly work with women with chronic health issues such as fibromyalgia, chronic migraine, thyroid dysfunction, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), eczema etc. I help them to move from pain & misery to being happy & healthy, all by simply altering how they view the emotional events in their lives that are at the root of their health issues.

The roots are often the same across conditions, for instance the vast majority of those who suffer with fibromyalgia have trouble with boundaries personally and with others, feeling unable to say no to people & ending up overburdened with responsibility. Those with thyroid dysfunction often give too much with little or nothing in return.


Embracing the magic of mind healing through NLP opens the door to a transformative odyssey for you, as you strive to break free from the shackles of trauma and disempowering beliefs. By tapping into the intricate interplay of neurology, language, and learned behaviours.  NLP empowers you to rewrite your internal narratives, exchanging self-limitation for empowerment. This journey of healing and self-discovery empowers you to reclaim your inner strength, unshackle your potential, and embark on a life guided by newfound resilience and empowerment. As you traverse the enchanting landscape of mind healing, NLP stands as a guiding light, revealing the extraordinary capacity of your mind to heal and evolve.

What health issues or disempowering beliefs/behaviours

 do you have that you’d like to transform? Leave me a comment below…


About The Author

Tracy Fance: I’m a Psychic Coach and I’ve been working in the mind-body-spirit arena for over 12 years. Many years ago I trained as a Reiki Practitioner & Master (this is a healing therapy) I’m very passionate about healing and it’s led me to work within meta-health, which is looking at the underlying reason for health issues; stress, trauma, emotional triggers etc. rather than the symptoms.

I’m qualified as an NLP Master & Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Transformational Coach, Life Purpose Coach & Law of Attraction Coaching as well as being an Intuitive & Reiki Healer, which all fit together as a fantastic tool for helping people heal in a holistic way.

I’m based in Herne Bay, which is a beautiful coastal town in Kent, UK.

You can find me on social media and I have a website:




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