Natalie Farrell Our Guest On “Let’s Talk Energy Healing” With Jacqueline Rose

“Let’s Talk Energy Healing” with Jacqueline Rose – This week’s interview is with Natalie Farrell who’s home is in both Spain and Tunbridge in the UK.

Natalie is a leader in voice activation, intuitive sound healing and linguistic psychology to name just a few of her talents. The show talks about the power of your voice whether communicating via speech or via singing and sounds. How we should learn to love our voice with it’s regional accent and different tones, which can often have the power to bring about energy healing. Natalie, like all of us are on our own journey, which can take us to some amazing places for her it’s been one of creating some beautiful music with her singing bowls and helping her business clients to use their voice confidently and be heard. Have a listen…


We also have a fantastic Creative Vibe composed and sung by Natalie Farrell to share with you called “Becoming The Luminary”.


Not forgetting some beautiful music composed and brought to us by Gabriella Angel in Stockholm, Sweden– “Amor Vincit Omnia” for our welcome and sign off to this third series podcast shows. We’ve also used another one of Gabriella’s pieces “Sunbeats” as a backing to The Energy Healing Awards 2022 ad.

The Energy Healing Magazine bringing together professionals energy healing practitioners and brilliant composers from around the globe to share their inspirational knowledge and energy healing music with you.


Some Additional Information From Natalie

The Way Of Light the book Natalie mentions she wrote during lockdown.

Here is a link to how our listener can have a sound session with Natalie (Soul Activation).


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