Stefano Battaglia – My Journey From Sicily To Glowing Flow’s Vision Of Life

Glowing Flow is the epitome of almost 25 years of experiences on both a professional and personal ground. A ground where inner and outer wellbeing is solidly rooted.

It all started with my extremely intense suffering after a very close loss, at the age of sixteen, and my personal inner quest about life, about being here for and how I could contribute to it along this short passage of mine.

The Island I was born in to was also extremely helpful to intensify this search. Sicily has been a melting pot of many different cultures and civilizations as well as a place of strong contradictions and atrocities.

The whole of it influenced me deeply to explore the patterns of philosophical questions and stimulating a sincere and natural urge to work my personal issues out; besides I was developing a very spontaneous attitude to reach suffering people’s out. It was there, in my early twenties, where I met two pivotal figures in my early path, and both of them were hermits.

One belonged to S. Francis order and the other one was a Sannyasi. Moreover still in Sicily I encountered my master in what became my personal and professional structure as a therapist.

Thanks to him I came to know my spiritual master who was a Bengalese Sannyasi (monk).

So I can firmly assert that the encounter with remarkable human beings has been definitely decisive in my life as a tremendously powerful alchemical transformation. In each and every one of those encounters, and then on and on, an element became a trademark of my day to day life at every level: Unconditional Love. That’s the core inspiration underlying Glowing Flow.


Technically G.F. Is very much influenced by my main specializations in Emotional Shock & Trauma Recovery and Trauma Touch Skills.

I’ve found “Touch” essential in my practice; body language is so rich, vast, eloquent full of nuances and one of our human basic needs. Through proper, insight and respect I can connect, tune and  support dis-harmonious people/clients to reconnect with their natural, emotional and neurophysiological assets.

Ortho-Bionomy, a discipline developed by a Canadian Osteopath and Naturopath, gave me the perfect tools to understand body language, to interact with clients’ different physical and emotional issues uninvasively and how to stimulate the inbuilt self regulatory system of the body.

Another big part of what I do in G.F. is based on playfulness, irony. I’ve personally found that one of the biggest problem is rooted on overdramatization and, somehow, chronic seriousness along with the tendency of giving almost everything for granted.

That’s why each and every session of G.F. is unique, unrepeatable.

In my sessions I do always highlight the guests’ personal assets and resources that might help to enrich and transform their lives according to their particular nature. It can be anything but based on a purposeful, inspiring and joyful self-discovery way. So much so that the therapist-guest relationship never becomes an “addiction”; here is another extremely relevant feature of Glowing Flow, Freedom.

Unconditional Love and Freedom, the two wings of the flying bird.


About The Author

Stefano Battaglia is a Master Therapist specializing in various psycho-physical disciplines, body treatment and massage trainer, teacher of meditation and mindfulness.

Orthobionomy, Ethnic Osteopathy, Mindfulness, Psychosomatic Diagnostics, massage, Raja Yoga, Vipassana, Emotional Shock & Trauma Recovery, Trauma Touch Skills.

Stefano operates with all that emerges throughout the treatment session: the client’s story and the body’s story. All of his treatments are developed after a careful individual psychosomatic evaluation that stems from the observation of body language, from possible somatic responses to various psychophysical activations and deactivations that can occur through the action of our autonomous system. His specific personal and professional field of work is the facilitation of and the adequate orientation to the resolution of traumata recorded in the body. The treatment is never invasive and
always accompanied by deep respect for the times and spaces of the client. The interaction and reflection with his guests begins with the investigation and understanding of the nexus that unites mind and body – where mind and body interact and influence each other. By learning, listening, and serving with all his presence, Stefano consciously takes notice of the guest’s inclusive health

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