Sam Arcadipane – The Benefits Of Taking Collagen Tea For Hair Growth During Winter

Now who doesn’t have hair goals? Whether that’s having thicker hair, stronger hair, having hair that doesn’t keep falling out, or brittle hair that snaps, or even starting to see greying and thinning hair…. We all have some hair goals that we want to address, but where to start?

Hair Woes In Winter

Now in Winter, when the seasons change, I often start to see changes with my hair, such as more dryness, (from constant heaters running), more static, or more frizz, and even a general lack of that luscious, smooth, shiny summer hair that I get when the sun is shining and vitamin D helps my hair growth boom…. So not only is your precious hair at risk of breakage due to the dry, cold winter air, but scalp dryness and even dandruff, can rear its ugly head during these drier months when it’s cold……
What can we all do?

Collagen Tea For Hair Health

Did you know that Collagen is one of the most plentiful proteins….. It’s responsible for several biological functions, one of which is to provide structural support in connective tissue, muscle, skin, nails and hair. ( Yes I hear you say!!).  Collagen is the protein responsible for skin elasticity, and it also plays a role in hair health – and we all want healthy hair – right?!
An option for you and your follicles is Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea – Collagen Tea can assist with stronger, thicker hair growth, helps strengthen the hair follicle as well as strengthen the skin at the hair shaft, and helps strengthen your hair quality to support your hair from being brittle, weak and even from greying!
Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea uses world class, premium grade, concentrated hydrolyzed collagen peptides developed specifically for supporting hair, skin and nails to build your skin’s framework and skin elasticity and texture, and to also grow thicker hair and stronger nails, so when combined with the powerful antioxidants and herbs in our beauty teas, the collagen really activates to help support hair growth, as well as your complexion! Bonus!.

Which Collagen Tea Formulations To Support Your Hair

There’s three different collagen infused beauty tea blends to help your hair growth, that all include powerful and organic ingredients that support hair health and growth, such as Fusspot’s “Celebrity Skin” blend, which has Liquorice Root in its’ blend and which supports hair growth, or Fusspot’s “The Showstopper” blend which has lavender which also supports hair growth. And then there’s Fusspot’s “Glow Junkie” Blend which has Paw Paw Leaf in it which assists hair growth and hair health, whilst also helping prevent balding and thinning of hair as well as assisting with dandruff due to the important ingredient found in Paw Paw Leaf which is karpain.  Paw Paw Leaf is also rich in potassium and vitamin C which also supports hair growth, and where a lack of potassium has been linked to hair loss.

Beauty From Within

All of these herbs work from the inside to activate your hair health, and when combined with the powerful effects of collagen peptides, will help your follicles come alive again! When you drink Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea twice daily and consistently, you may start to see improved results quite quickly with nail and hair growth within a few weeks.!!!  Collagen does take time to build up in your system, and we recommend at least 8 weeks until you’ll see major skin results, but many of our customers see hair and nail growth as the first signs of their continued ingestion in the first 3 to 4 weeks, with great results and even stronger hair and nails and renewed growth with thicker hair quite quickly.

With 11 collagen infused beauty tea blends to choose from…. getting better, thicker hair and smoother skin was never so easy!!!  Have you tried collagen infused beauty tea yet, and have you seen enhanced results?


About The Author

Written by Sam Arcadipane, the Founder of Fusspot Collagen Beauty Teas. Sam has left corporate life to pursue her own business and dream of giving mums and women something just for them – a little time out with a cup of tea that is also great for your skin! She has developed organic teas infused with hydrolyzed collagen peptides to support and enhance beauty from within. Having spent 12 months developing this range of 11 blends, all infused with collagen and formulated with a Tea Master, she has created various organic blends that support your skin and complexion goals with a variety of organic herbs, tisanes, roots and plants that will also assist your sleep, energy or cleansing needs. There are loose leaf teas, environmentally friendly and biodegradable teabag blends, and a chai and a matcha powder.

You can find out about the powerful benefits of each blend here:

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