Karen Sanderson Sanz Shares How To Make Fitness A Lifelong Habit – Part 4

‘Health, Wellbeing, And Vitality Are A Mindset, Mental Clarity And Health Are Vital To Gaining Physical Fitness.’

In this mini-series of articles, I have shared some simple things that you can do to help make fitness a lifelong habit. Over the course of my own personal journey, I have discovered and implemented tools into my everyday life to help me stay consistent with whatever it is that I want to call into my life. I have broken these down into seven steps – clarity, releasing expectations, intention, awareness, knowledge, connection, and gratitude. I hope that by sharing my experience and insights it will inspire you to implement some of my suggestions and have you looking forward to your workouts!

This month I give you my perspective on Knowledge… the importance of picking up on the feedback your body is giving you and taking the time to understand it.

My Mission

In order to bring context to this article I would like to begin by sharing with you my values and beliefs in the form of the intentions that are the foundations for my work, my relationships and my everyday life.

My mission is to…

To support others in creating a reality where they are living their life to their full potential without limitations. 

To normalise improved health, wellbeing, and vitality with ease and joy.

To communicate and create awareness in others to see the expansive possibilities of life when you are connected to your truth, your mind, body, and soul. 

By sharing our experiences and knowledge we will continue to learn and grow as individuals and as a community.

Through my work, my genuine desire to help people, and my natural curiosity I have been fortunate to learn that our bodies are always giving us information in the form of physical, mental or emotional symptoms. How we translate this information can be a complete game changer.

Lost In Translation

At some point, we will all have experienced seemingly inexplicable physical symptoms and issues that are not the result of say an injury. Most often we will put this down to age, or poor lifestyle choices, but what stands out for me is the lack of awareness and information.

Our thoughts, mindset, circumstances, events, and their connected emotions have a direct impact on our bodies, which can be very revealing. When we feel unexplained discomfort in areas of our bodies, it will generally relate to something that we have going on, consciously or unconsciously.

Every workout is an opportunity to pick up valuable feedback from our bodies that we may not have otherwise become aware of. Take a moment to notice how you feel before, during, and after your workout.

Did you feel restriction, discomfort, or tightness, if so where? Do not assume that these symptoms are simply because you are not strong or flexible enough, or because you are getting old or simply unfit.

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How To Read The Body

All physical symptoms are connected to an emotional root cause. Below is a reference guide to some of the areas in the body and their potentially related emotions. These may help you consider that the physical symptom is in fact your body letting you know that there is something that needs to be addressed rather than discount it as random.

Back In General – Support, structure, responsibility, stability.

Lower Back – Financial responsibility, feeling under pressure.

Middle Back – Feeling responsible for others, humiliation, feeling dominated or controlled.

Neck – Rigidity, undecisive, vulnerabilities, resisting your environment.

Shoulders – Carrying financial/family responsibility, guilt about having fun.

Hip – Balance and moving forward, relationship problems, sexuality, confidence within personal relationships.

Knees – Moving forward, making big changes, fear of being judged, feeling limited or controlled by a feminine figure.

The body inadvertently holds on to unresolved situations, emotions etc so, when we move our physical bodies with mindful practices such as Pilates and Yoga we are shifting the stagnant emotions that have built up over time which can result in an unexpected emotional release.


Next time you have an unexpected experience when working out or in your everyday life take a moment to sit with it rather than disregard it. Ask yourself some questions, and journal on what comes through. What is it that you were thinking about at the time? Is there a particular situation that you are upset about that remains unresolved? Or, have you been making decisions out of obligation?

Thank You

Did you find this helpful? I would love to hear if you have implemented any of the suggestions that I have given you in this or any of the other articles in the series. Please do comment or get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


About The Author

2022 was a voyage of discovery for me, a year of working on myself led me to create a new brand which I am now in the process of birthing. I would very much like to introduce to you www.rockyourbodytruth.com please do pop by and check it out. My in person based studio in Haslemere will continue to be known as Pilates From Within, and whilst in the background, I am building my new website you can still find me at www.pilatesfromwithin.com

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