Lillian And Husband Dave Share How Gardens Heal The World

Nature Has The Power To Heal

Spending time in nature, gardening, strolling or just sitting in contemplation is well known to have health benefits – hospital studies have shown that rooms that looked out on naturalized landscapes resulted in faster healing rates. Senior centres, jails and therapy centres that have gardens find less issues re: depression, anger and boredom. Dental offices find patients are much more at ease in rooms that have a view of a peaceful garden.

Create Something Beautiful

Gardening is a wonderful way to help make the world a better place, and doing a positive activity like this will help clear away depression. Multiple citizen science activities are available for those near nature, or with a garden view, helping scientists keep track of various bees, butterflies and birds. Gardens help us break out of that dark cycle. We get outside, breathe clean air, laugh at the antics of the dancing birds, move the body and absorb vitamin D from the sunshine.

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Did You Know?

Plants help mitigate climate change by filtering dust from busy roads and absorbing pollutants like carbon dioxide and nitrous oxides – releasing clean oxygen into the air. They reduce UV-B rays (which cause skin cancer). Plants, in fact, help cool the air by releasing water vapor through their leaves, protecting plantings around them from dehydration. They keep our vehicles, buildings and sidewalks from getting too hot in the summer. They prevent floods, water erosion and soil compaction, while creating healthy soil. Plantings will also muffle noise and beautify the neighbourhood.

Nature Can Impact Our Community

Did you know that communities with a lot of trees and green spaces actually have less crime? Children are less obese in these areas too, because they are playing and participating in community group events outdoors. For myself, gardening is the one thing my mother and I bonded over – helping heal our relationship before it was too late.

Build Connections With Your Neighbours

Gardens truly strengthen connections with neighbours through the conversations that naturally happen with people walking by. Here, we have noticed over and over again, people walking by in pairs, in family groups or by themselves – stopping to enjoy the experience of witnessing a busy bee, a floppy butterfly dancing on leaves, a happy bird twittering… the leaves turning and swaying in the breeze… the restful shade giving people and their dogs a respite from summer heat. Children squeal with joy at the sights and the elderly love to stop and chatter, sharing memories and telling us of other amazing gardens they’ve seen during their walks. Neighbours stop when passing by and reach out to comment or ask questions.

Extend Your Living Space

Did you know that simply by adding landscaping and allowing it to mature can increase property value by 15%? Both our first and second homes were, in fact, certified with bee, bat, butterfly, bird, organic and wildlife organizations. Our first home sold at 100% profit – partially due to the beautiful gardens, private ambiance in the yard, and the intrigue created by the certification.

There are many benefits to even the smallest green space – a balcony garden, a front step potted area, terraced boxes in the corner, or a wall garden… they all contribute to making the world a better place. Gardens provide protection from extreme weather, reduce energy costs, shade sitting and parking areas, and fill freezers and cupboards from the foods they produce. Gardeners will find that by sharing excess harvests with clients, co-workers and neighbours this natural exchange begins where people will share in return. The savings, here, are incredible – fresh herbs, for instance, are very expensive, but just a few pots on the front step can yield all the herbs you can use.

About The Authors

Lillian and her husband Dave are the team behind Brummet Media Group, high-fiving cheerfully as they pass each other on the way from checking off one item or other from their long to-do list. Their business includes the Angle Hill Studio (drum teaching /repair services), The Brummet Media Channel (on YouTube), numerous award-winning books (on Amazon) and 2 very popular blogs.

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