Karen Sanderson Sanz Shares How To Make Fitness A Lifelong Habit – Part 5

‘Health, wellbeing, and vitality are a mindset, mental clarity and health are vital to gaining physical fitness.’

In this mini-series of articles, I have shared some simple things that you can do to help make fitness a lifelong habit. Over the course of my own personal journey, I have discovered and implemented tools into my everyday life to help me stay consistent with whatever it is that I want to call into my life.

I have broken these down into seven steps – clarity, releasing expectations, intention, awareness, knowledge, connection, and gratitude. I hope that sharing my experience and insights will inspire you to implement some of my suggestions and have you looking forward to your workouts!

I will conclude this mini-series by giving you my perspective on Connection simply put is creating awareness of how the mind body and soul are connected and the impact that this awareness has on our ability to stay consistent and in alignment with our lifestyle choices.  

Connection has a definite overlap with awareness and knowledge and it feels that it is one of the fundamental core values of my new brand Rock Your Body Truth. When we connect the mind body and soul our ability to translate physical symptoms, actions, and thoughts to emotions is enhanced. Enabling us to move through our lives more fluidly and without resistance, and increasing our ability to stay consistent with whatever it is that we wish to do and be.

How To Apply Connection To Your Workouts

Before you begin your workout or even your day take a moment to notice how you are feeling, physically and emotionally, what state of mind are you in? If you can, start with a body scan meditation that will help you become more mindful of your bodily sensations. If you have never tried this method before, use the link at the end of this article to access my body scan meditation audio on my YouTube channel.

In my last article I explained how physical symptoms are connected to emotional root causes, so taking the time to practice noticing them will create awareness and give you valuable information about your state of being that ultimately will impact how you perform physically and mentally, and your ability to stay consistent.

Pausing once you have completed your workout and before you head into the day is also a good opportunity to reconnect and reintegrate back in with your mind, body, and soul, and embody how great you feel for completing the workout. Connecting to the post-workout feel-good vibes that your body rewards you with will definitely help you to look forward to your next workout!

Let’s Go Back To The Beginning

I started this series of articles with Gratitude because for me this is still the ultimate game changer. The simple act of writing down 1 to 3 things that you are grateful for on a daily basis will lift your mood and raise your vibration every time. It is simple actions such as this that will help you to stay consistent with the changes that you wish to make in your life. Focus on the things that make you feel good.

As Tony Robins quote says “Where focus goes, your energy flows. And if you do not take the time to focus on what matters, then you are living a life of someone else’s design.”

Thank you

Did you find this helpful? I would love to hear if you have implemented any of the suggestions that I have given you in this or any of the other articles in the series. Please do comment or get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


About The Author

2022 was a voyage of discovery for me, a year of working on myself led me to create a new brand which I am now in the process of birthing. I would very much like to introduce to you www.rockyourbodytruth.com please do pop by and check it out. My in-person based studio in  Haslemere will continue to be known as Pilates From Within, this is still where you can find out about the work that I do www.pilatesfromwithin.com

Regardless of the brand name or even my surname, what I do remains the same, it is simply packaged much more authentically to who I am and with a higher vibration…

Karen Sanderson Sanz is a holistic movement and wellbeing specialist. Through her knowledge and experience, and working with Pilates, energy and sound healing, Karen enables clients to understand their bodies by creating awareness and increasing their self-confidence so that they feel a sense of physical and emotional freedom.

To learn more about Karen or to book a FREE discovery call to explore how we can work together please visit www.rockyourbodytruth.com or www.pilatesfromwithin.com or IG @pilatesfromwithin FB @pilatesfromwithin

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