Adele Haussmann How To Achieve Lifelong Fitness

You are what you Eat, Think, Do and Wear. If you get this right, you will achieve a healthier happier life. I watch it with my clients every day and the first place to start achieving this is by learning to understand how to move correctly, becoming comfortable in your body.

When you go to the gym do you know what you are doing? Has someone shown you how to perform the exercises correctly?

When I go to the gym it worries me when I see that people are exercising but they have no idea what they are doing, wasting their precious time and energy.

Fitness classes are generally created for the level of the strongest participant, so beginners inevitably end up injured as they are not performing the movements accurately and so open themselves up to injury and then think that they are to blame, that they are not designed to move!  This is not true. The problem lies with the instruction and is very frustrating and not your fault.

Your self-confidence and well-being all revolve around how comfortable you feel in your body. If you feel awkward and hurt yourself every time you exercise, this will undermine you and you will give up. It’s all linked.

If you wanted to learn to do ballet, you would attend ballet lessons where the movements would be carefully broken down, so you could learn how to dance gracefully.

The same should be for exercise.

The movements should be broken down slowly so that you understand what you are doing and make the necessary mind-muscle connections until you feel confident in your ability to move. From this flows confidence, happiness, excitement, and joy. You feel as though someone has turned back the hands of time and that you can achieve anything.

We all deserve to feel this way!

We are brainwashed by the media to believe that being frail in old age is inevitable and to be expected. These are marketing strategies to buy into our bank balances. It breaks my heart as I believe every ‘body’ is capable. We are just led to believe that we are past our prime and should expect to slow down and become dependent on others.

I am passionate about helping people realise their potential. I get so excited by my clients’ abilities; most of them are over 50. We are all limited when it comes to time, energy, and resources.

Firstly, exercise for true results should be slow and intentional, choosing quality over quantity.

Secondly, every movement we make should be a full-body workout so that we are making the most of our time and energy.

Quickly rushing through an exercise program is great for cardio, but I call it a ‘social event.’ Everyone is having a great time, raising their heart rate, and feeling good, but they are not going to get their desired results.

We have only one body and we must respect and preserve it and not take unnecessary risks. Intentional training is the responsible thing to do, and the rewards are phenomenal.

It boils down to understanding what you are doing and why you are doing it. When you achieve this, you become willing to make the effort as it makes sense to you and the more you perform the movements, the better your results.

It’s a win-win situation.

Do you feel confident in your ability to move?


About The Author

Adele Haussmann is 60 years old and has been in the body movement and image industry since the tender age of 4 years.  She was a childhood model in the 1960’s, has performed in Professional Musical Theatre, danced lead roles for The Rhodesian National Ballet, was Student of the Year in the International Health and Beauty Specialist Diploma, won silver medals in the International Body Sculpting World Championships in Dubai, and ran her own ballet school for 23 years.

Performing personally on, and backstage around the world has given her the edge when it comes to Personal Training, Weight Management, Injury Prevention, Body Conditioning and Strengthening, Beauty, Skincare, Makeup and Personal Styling.

‘My ability to identify, communicate and understand the client’s needs, in the moment, and having access to so many skills, creates the perfect environment for my clients to succeed.’

Adele has worked with clients of all genders, ranging from 18 months to 80 years. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother and believes that who we surround ourselves with plays a large influence on our happiness and who we become.

Adele created award-winning Her Smile to help women overcome anxiety surrounding their self-image so that they can confidently present themselves to the world.

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