Michelle Saudan – Heart Chakra Vibroacoustic Meditation For Couples

What Is Meant By  “Vibroacoustic”?

“Vibro-acoustics” is one of the ways that sound affects us.  This is when the sound waves resonate with our physical body. It is, if you like, the ability of the sounds to affect us directly on a physical level, vibrating us on a cellular level.

Of all the sounds that we can make, the most powerful vibro-acoustic sounds are the ancient practices of vocal toning present in many cultures around the world including humming.

Why Meditate As A Couple?

By all means, I do believe that each individual should have their very own unique form of a contemplative or spiritual practice. However, on occasion, when two people have a spiritual practice in common, they can experience a new way of connecting  in an even deeper way.

“Sound + Intention = Healing “ – Jonathan Goldman (Insert quote)

Give it a try this Valentine’s Day: 

  1. Sit face-to-face with your knees touching.Let one of your hands face up and in contact with your partner’s downward facing hand.Your other hand will be facing down and in contact with your partner’s upturned hand.Don’t grasp the hands but simply feel a light touch and sense energy flowing between your hands.

    An alternative is for both of you to sit with your hands in your own lap or resting on your knees.

    (It is important for you both to feel comfortable).

  2.  you face each other, gaze into each other eyes.You can also adjust your gaze with your eyes relaxed and slightly out of focus so you see three eyes with one right in the middle of your partner’s forehead.This takes some practice but it is a helpful form of meditation where you are not focusing your eyes, but focusing on your inner, or what I like to reference as the first eye.Begin to breathe a little slower and deeper. If you can, try to sync your slow breathing together.
  3. When you settle into a peaceful state with your partner, gently close your outer eyes and bring your attention to your energy body, feeling it extend out to touch your partner’s energy body. As though you are both surrounded by a beautiful ray of light. Rest in the peacefulness of that connection.
  4. As you face each other, place your right hand on your partner’s heart.Focus on your breath as you tune first into the physical heart, and then into the emotional energy of the heart.Take a deep breath together and exhale with the sound of AH, extending it as long as possible.AH is the sound of the heart chakra, so focus on giving and receiving unconditional love with your partner.

    Repeat this as many times as you feel comfortable.

    When complete, let your hands drop down in your lap, facing upward as a sign of receptivity and become silent.

  5. It is often in the space of silence that the most powerful effects occur.  Silence is the yin to the yang of sound and is an equally important (though often times) ignored part of the sound experience.Focus on your breathing and feel the gentleness of the love between you.Another option is to sit back-to-back with your spines touching and hands gently resting on your knees.Listen for the sound of the each other’s breathing and allow your breath continue to synchronize.
  6. Begin to tone with a low humming and ensure your lips are sealed so that no sound escapes your mouth.Feel your partner’s body vibrating with the hum. Let the hum grow louder.Continue this for as long as comfortable.
  7. Closing Ritual:Face each other, sitting or standing, and make a small bow, with hands together as in a prayer position and say “Thank you.”Or you may say, “Namasté,” a Sanskrit word that means “I honor the light within you.” It is often said at the ending of a meditation, and it also serves as both a greeting and farewell.Closing with a hug is also appropriate.

    Needless to say, there are no set rules for partner meditation or meditation in general, so go with what feels good and comfortable to you both.

    Whether you have a deep practice of your own or not, you meditate not to get anything but to connect and commune with the presence of your own understanding.

    Yes, there are numerous health & spiritual benefits to meditation that you may have benefited from with your own practice and now I leave you with this…

    Can you imagine the high vibratory space that you would be able to hold as a couple?


About The Author

Michelle hails from Zimbabwe and is currently based in Dubai. She has been serving in the Wellness Industry since 2010.  This life journey has taken her into Massage/Spa Therapy/Management ,Spiritual Life Coaching, Sound Healing, Meditation as well as travel to over 67 Countries.

As both a practitioner and coach, she takes pleasure in gently guiding her clients to experience a deeper, more harmonious level of life.

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