Yolandi Boshoff- 3 Things You Didn’t Know About The Akashic Records

Have you ever heard of the Akashic Records?  For most people, the Akashic Records are associated with past life information. It is known as a massive energetic database that holds all the information about your past lives. Every single life you have lived is recorded in this energy database and is accessible by anyone who knows how to work with energy.  The most common use for this amazing energy is to understand your past lives and to then work on doing the necessary energy healing to give you a higher perspective and healing around certain patterns and blocks.

BUT this amazing database holds so much more than just past life info in it. And I feel very strongly that this amazing resource, available to us all is so underutilised, so I would love to share a few more ways you can explore and work with the Akashic Records.


  1. See Your Positive Lives

Positive lives.  What does that even mean?

The past lives that we usually look at in the Akashic Records is really all about where I messed up and created issues or negative patterns that I keep on repeating in this lifetime.  But did you know that in some past lives you did magical and wonderful things. You might have helped loads of people, pursued your purpose and passion, or even invented amazing things. We can also look at the positive impacts we had on humanity and our own environment in the Akashic Records.

  1. Discover History

We can connect with the energy of certain events or era’s in the Akashic Records. This database holds the history of everything that ever was. Famous Akashic Record channels like Madam Blavatsky and Edgar Cayce found out information about Atlantis and Lemuria and wrote about those. Again, you can explore the Records and find out more about ancient races or even star races if you were interested.

  1. Learn More About Physical Places

Through the Akashic Records you can connect with physical places on earth. If you were perhaps interested in understanding more about the Pyramids or the Sphinx, you could explore the Akashic Records and go back in time to see what happened there. Physical places hold energetic signatures and information and so much of our ancient sites on the planets are unexplored treasure chests filled with valuable teachings.

This amazing resource is waiting for us all to start connecting. Every single one of us can connect with energy and do so already in our daily lives.  Once you learn how easy it is to access the Akashic field of energy you can have loads of fun playing around and discovering more about this amazing universe of ours.


About The Author:


Yolandi Boshoff works as a Soul coach with clients in more than 35 countries across the world. Her passion is deep Soul remembering and reconnection, helping you to step through the fear, find your voice and unleash your inner guru again.

She focuses mainly on DNA activation, Seal Removal and Soul Channellings for her clients.  She has worked with the Akashic Records for the past 6 years and has done 100s and 100s of readings for clients.  She now also teaches others how to access this magical database of energy.

To find out more visit my website: www.divinesoul.me




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