Exciting Book Project If I Can, You Can


You’ve set your goals for 2022 and if one of them is to become a published author then maybe we can help. The Energy Healing Magazine has an exciting book project for you “If I Can, You Can. Can you write a chapter?

Even though some of us plan the journey of our lives meticulously by achieving set goals within a scheduled time frame; whether that be in business or our own personal lives. We sometimes find that, due to incidents we hadn’t foreseen or expected, we can be taken way off course.

We’re looking for professional mindset, mentors, mental health, nutritionist, fitness coaches to collaborate with. By showing how others have managed to overcome their challenges, If I Can, You Can will provide you with the confidence and self believe you need face your own difficulties.

If you have some insightful and thought provoking tips or a courageous story you’d like to share by way of a chapter in this book project then simply complete a contributors form below and we’ll send you some chapter guidelines.

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