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In our ever changing world coping with modern ways of living stressful 24/7 lives it’s no wonder many of us are finding it hard to not only find a balance in life but to stay healthy to.

Many of us struggle with the relationships in our lives that often leaves us with feelings of anger, frustration the inability to sometimes achieve the goals we want – whether that be with food, money, love, exercise to name but a few. With the New Year coming up so many of us will be making the same resolutions we made last year and the year before that. So, where and how do we start to get a grip on our lives and find contentment, inner peace and happiness?

We’re looking for professionals that work within the field of relationships, fitness, money, coaching and mindset industry offering practical, proven and easy to follow advice on how to improve the quality life. A great opportunity to become a published author in 2022 and collaborate with others from around the globe.

Each contributor will be asked to write a chapter on any of the following subjects below or any other relevant relationship topics. With the thought in mind to help others on their own journey. Some may feel like this is going to be an overwhelming task because no one has shown how to specifically tap into our unique inner resources to manage our STRESS – this book will make those changes possible for it’s readers:

Relationships in Love – how to find and keep them?

Relationships with Money – to understand how to make it, keep it and invest it for the future

Relationship with Foods – how to maintain and manage that weight loss, keep it off and live a healthier lifestyle.

Relationships with Family – we often grow up together but why are we so different in our values and thoughts?

Relationships with Authority – why some of us get so frustrated with authority at work, parents, changing the world?

If you’d like to share some of your knowledge, techniques and help even more people to understand why they have trouble with relationships  then simply complete the form below and we’ll send you some chapter guidelines.

Please note at the end of your chapter we’ll add your image, short bio and links to your website/social media. Interested then please complete the form below and we’ll then send you some chapter guidelines i.e word count etc.

By collaborating together we can achieve so much more…

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