Yolandi Boshoff of Divine Soul

Her mission is to help them to reconnect to who they really are at a Soul level. Helping them to step through the fear, find their voice and find themselves again. She has taken her own spiritual journey and created a deep Soul awakening process which she leads her clients and groups through.

This is called the Starseed Sacred Circle and during the process she teaches her clients how to work with their fears and shadows, find their own unique truth again, drop the masks and step back into their own authenticity. Helping them to find their own inner voice and Soul connection again.

Through her work with Mary Magdalene and her own DNA activation she has completely changed her life and her business. She is a certified Radical Guide DNA Practitioner and she now guides her clients through the process of DNA activation and seal removal. She is the first certified practitioner in the UK and now works with clients to guides them through their journey of expansion and living their true Soul purpose. She also channels messages directly from their Soul, helping them to map out their purpose and their way forward in life and in business. She also uses her ability to channel Light Language to heal clients of a very deep level.

Nominee’s Achievements (over the last 12 months)


  • Launching DNA Activation in the UK; I ran 14 free workshops and meditations during this Pandemic time to assist followers with anxiety, fears and balance.
  • Still continuing with a free monthly meditation to assist my followers with healing and growth.
  • I have also grown my business substantially during the pandemic (585% increase in revenue) –         helping my followers and clients to understand that Holistic businesses can thrive and grow.



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