Antonia Harman of Divine Empowerment Energetic Evolution

Antonia Harman

Antonia has been practising her own unique form of healing for over a decade, helping people from all walks of life including numerous household names. Clients of Antonia’s leave their treatments and time with her emotionally lighter, having had their trauma dissolved and they are restored back to the original emotional freedom they have been craving with an abundance of inner strength. Through trance and energy healing work,

Antonia has awoken many of her latent healing abilities and her incredible results have made her the go-to healer for anyone who wishes to be happier with a clearer mind. Her trailblazing methods have made her the foremost expert in trauma release with unparalleled results. Speaking about her method Antonia said: “You have always been destined for happiness, don’t let events from the past hold you back anymore. Become who you were always meant to be.

One of my specialties revolves around focusing on the ‘why’ of dis-ease, which I along with many leading experts believe to be grounded in emotions. Working on the fact that clearing stagnated e-motion (or energy in motion) ensures that diseases no longer have a purpose and tend to dissipate. If you want to learn more, please sign up for a class.”


Nominee’s Achievements (over the last 12 months):

1. Clearing a clients fibromyalgia in 10 mins, it’s still completely clear, no sign of it months later.

2. My school has just been accredited by IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine), which is a real honour.

3. I have also managed to adapt Divine Empowerment into a global brand this year with the help of zoom. This skyrocketed us from 2 practitioners to over 20. This is wonderful as there are so many people in need and frankly not enough hours in the day. Having additional help working for Divine Empowerment is a Godsend.

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