Mashenka Barlag of Healing, Kinesiology & Spinal Flow

Mashenka Barlag

She works on the whole family unit too and has a special affinity for special needs kids. She is also an NDIS provider. As a practitioner she is generous, loving and inspiring. Her philosophy is that the body and our soul is wise and can heal, the focus is therefor to support the client to heal themselves. Returning the power back to the client.

Mashenka is an active community leader and runs regular large events focused on educating and empowering families on their natural health choices. She has even launched her own natural health First aid kit called Nature’s Aid Kit (NAK) for the discerning natural minded family with chemical free non toxic options.
Nominee’s Achievements (over the last 12 months)
Mashenka runs an active community support group around health and wellbeing with over 2000 families, she runs an annual healing community camp, she supports the training and healing of people throughout Australia.

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