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Medical Intuitive Julie Lewin

This was news to Julie, however, she chose to explore the alternate destiny and discovered how to see inside people’s bodies. At the time, there were no teachers to guide her. So she pioneered a revolutionary way of viewing and healing the holographic body, which in turn activated healing in the physical body.

In 1994, Julie was invited onto the TV show The Extraordinary and appeared in 4 episodes of the show including 2 follow up episodes in 1996. They filmed her sharing her insights with different people from around the world and everyone was surprised at her accuracy. This show led to Julie receiving tens of thousands of letters and phone calls from around the world, as the show sold to 22 countries. After working with thousands of people, Julie could not only intuit what was wrong with them, but developed healing templates to help them heal.

In 2014, Julie had her work accredited by the IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapies) as a healing modality called AreekeerA®. She has accredited practitioners and facilitators and taught thousands of people her healing templates. Julie says anyone can heal themselves, when they know how. She shows them how.

This is feedback from one of her AreekeerA® students:

“I love how AreekeerA® totally opened my eyes to a way of healing that I wouldn’t have thought possible. Seeing results in real time through the visualization techniques of the templates and just how impactful they are. I saw not only things change in my body but by doing it in a group setting online we got to experience other people’s every week. So if one of the templates wasn’t required for us personally that week we got to see how it impacted another person in some way.

The AreekeerA® templates are a tool for life and can be incorporated into your life quickly, easily and silently if required. You do not need to have a person with you for them to take effect and they do not take too long to do and it’s not a huge task to do them. It changed the way I look at the physical body and, if we can change it with the templates, what else are we capable of? I will use them for life now and use them alongside other modalities of healing.”

Julie developed many of her healing templates to help in her own healing journey. She has navigated 6 major surgeries including thyroid cancer which left her without a voice for a year from a 95% paralysed vocal cord. She also recovered from a relapse of thyroid cancer by using her templates. Teaching people about self-healing is her passion.

Feedback from students like this is what drives Julie to continue sharing her work with the world.

“Julie’s work is so incredible, I still use her templates today and they have benefitted my life and health so much. Julie is such a beautiful, thoughtful healer and teacher. She works with so much empathy and honesty. She encourages and guides her students through healing and cares about them deeply. It was such a pleasure to be able to learn from her.”

“Julie’s AreekeerA® templates and being in her presence have had a deep effect on my life. I now feel more control of my own self healing and more in tune with my body. It has also put me in contact with a more deep spiritual aspect of myself. From being someone who couldn’t visualise I now can go into a deep space and through imagination and intuition participate in my own healing. I have used it for everything from stress and anxiety, burns, digestive upsets and fighting off and protecting myself from infection. Julie is a profound healer and I love that everything she teaches she has developed through her own incredible spiritual and intuitive gifts that she has applied to her own life and health issues. She shares her down to earth wisdom so generously with others and enhances the lives of anyone lucky enough to work with her.”

Other achievements:

– international #1 bestseller on Amazon in 23 categories.
– author of 3 books and an oracle deck
*The Art of Self-Healing (originally published as AreekeerA® Vibration: Healing Yourself from Within)
*The Making of a Leader
*AreekeerA® Celestial Guidance (book and oracle deck)
– co-author of a book and oracle deck
*The Intuition Builder
*Magic not Logic card deck
– contributing author to 5 books
*Phoenix Rising: Powerful Women Who Rose From The Ashes To Claim Their Place
*Luminicious: 10 Inspirational Stories and Practices to Ignite Your Feminine Power and Own Your Light!
*Procrastination Begone: 11 Ways to SPARK Your Motivation & Light Up Your Business
*Life Sucks but You Can Turn it Around
*Your Well-Being Sorted!
– host of Heal Me Radio on CBS Sky Radio
– meditation teacher on Insight Timer with 850,000+ listens
– meditations translated into Chinese and featured on the NOW app and Brainwaves app
– retreat facilitator of over 50 transformational healing retreats
– public speaker – Mind Body Spirit Festival, Festival of Dreams, Our Wellness Community, Our Internet Secrets, Spiritual Events Directory events; multiple podcast and summit interviews
– co-host of the Magic not Logic podcast
– 2013 Our Internet Secrets Business Builder Award

Nominee’s 3 Achievements (over the last 12 months)

When Julie first started her healing practice, her work was Channelled as Guided Visualisations. However, in the last couple of years there has been new energy frequency moving through and requiring a new way of working. Julie was challenged by a new client to create a new method for her. She wanted Julie to go in deep and energetically shift the stagnant energy out…fast. She didn’t want to have to wait around, she wanted fast results. They did the decoding together, and then when they got to the root of the problem, Julie used her new Frequency method to pull the energetic block out from the root.

Julie is an innovator at heart, and when presented with a challenge, she dives in deep. This client couldn’t believe the results. She would go from 10/10 boiling anger to 0/10 by the end of the half hour sessions. When asked about the issue afterwards, it was like she couldn’t even access the emotions, memories or triggers anymore. The charge was completely dissolved, as if it never existed to begin with.

Julie knew she was onto something and started practicing this in her group program and other 1:1 sessions.
Julie runs a coaching business with her daughter Tash for people who know they have a legacy they need help to bring to the world. During the coaching sessions, Julie and Tash uncover deeply embedded limiting beliefs and clear them in 5-10 minutes. Their clients say their level of discomfort is most often between 8-10/10 for their limiting belief. After the clearing, they can’t locate the belief at all and say they’ve gone to 0/10 in discomfort.

This success led Julie to record frequency embedded clearings for over 80 limiting beliefs people regularly experience on a day-to-day basis. Tash channelled lightcodes for each of the clearings and they published the artwork in mid-2021 as an oracle card deck. Coaches, kinesiologists, alternative therapists, consultants, entrepreneurs and people invested in their personal development use the cards for themselves, with their clients and in their community groups. The feedback has been outstanding. This is one of the messages from a happy client:

“I was so excited to come home after an awful day to a package of love – my cards arrived. As soon as I opened the package I got so many goosebumps, then I started crying and couldn’t stop for ages. Holding the cards felt like I was getting a massive hug. I know they will be on one hell of a journey with me over the next year and beyond.”

Another client wrote to us saying the cards speak to her through her clair senses. She feels them in her body; gets flashes of vision and insight; and they heat up when she puts them on her body. She also uses them before and during her client healing sessions. They have taken her healing sessions to a new level of experience and result.

Julie and Tash turned the recordings and lightcodes into transformational, open-eyed meditation clearing videos which guide the viewer through clearing common limiting beliefs at a deeply personal level. The feedback from these video clearings is that the videos are just as powerful as a live session with Julie.

This is a testimonial from one of Julie’s 1:1 coaching clients recently:

“For the past couple of years, I have felt totally frustrated, lost and often anxious in making important decisions. I couldn’t pinpoint why I couldn’t move forward. I knew logically that things would work themselves out, however the feeling of anxiousness would overtake me so intensely that I just couldn’t trust the decisions I had to make.

I didn’t know what to do anymore and having completed Julie’s AreekeerA® course in 2020, I reached out to Julie and Tash for help. They truly listened and immediately were able to guide me, ever so gently, to a place that revealed, within myself, what I needed to see and heal. I never even thought it was possible to get to the place I am now within 8 weeks of working with them. The deep trauma of past experiences revealed itself to me, almost without trying, as I continued to be guided by these incredibly talented ladies.
I did the explorative work while they shined the light on what would be worth exploring. Each time we connected they were able to add incredible value to my revelations that I alone would not have been able to see and gave me gentle guidance and advice that was instrumental in me breaking through and seeing what was holding me back.

Today, only 8 weeks after starting my journey with Julie and Tash, I can say that I feel a peace within me that I haven’t felt in a long, long time…. and my husband could not be happier! Don’t hesitate to contact Julie and Tash – you will not regret it.“

This client is already well on her way to fulfilling her dream of having a healing practice where she is confident of using her unique method, helping her clients in her own way to get outstanding results.

Another client who came to me in 2021 has a history of health trauma including multiple breaks, whiplash, and surgery over the past 50 years. Her biggest struggle was with pain in her neck. During a zoom consultation, I combined my new method and my original method of healing. She wrote afterwards, “Thank you for a most enlightened session. My neck has been free of pain since we spoke. Amazing!”

To find out more visit: https://julielewin.com

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