Dr Catherine A Baudino from Dr Catherine Coaching


Tess Cheng – Catherine Baudino and I have worked together to learn how to listen as a health and wellness coach rather than as a nutritionist by giving advice.  In my opinion, Catherine can easily be qualified as an energy healer in 2021, she has worked with many clients to help them to resolve their issues and enable them to move forward towards their goals.

Nominee’s 3 Achievements (over the last 12 months)

1. I have helped (and continue to help) an NHS GP gain clarity in the offering of a new service. She has admitted to be having a propensity to follow different ideas at the same time and getting distracted in the process. In the course of our sessions, I have helped her prioritise her tasks and make her accountable for her actions.
2. I have helped a senior executive create stronger boundaries between himself and his clients – thus creating a better work/life balance.
3. I have helped a nutritionist transition into coaching by learning to LISTEN, rather than give advice.

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