Gitte Winter Graugaard

Gitte Winter Graugaard


Gitte Winter Graugaard is a successful Danish author of several books with child meditations. She lives in Denmark with her family, and teaches workshops about meditation for children and adults. Often she receives wonderful drawings from children in the schools, where they work with her books. See some of them below. They will warm your heart. Children are so wise, and meditation opens up to their creativity.

To bring more mindfulness, yoga, and meditation into the schools and kindergartens, Gitte has founded the Momo Academy, an online platform and a community for teachers and trainers.

At her home in Denmark she shares her magic with her two daughters, who have become her greatest teachers. Gitte always reminds parents to always parent ourselves first, before we parent our children. It is crucial that we become conscious of what we radiate and how our energy affects our children.

She is now changing bedtime routines the world over.

Nominees Achievements (over the last 12 months)

Gitte continues after her TEDx in Peterborough in the UK to share her teachings with her presentations and speeches across Demark, Europe and the rest of the world on how meditation and mindfulness can benefit children.

Gitte launched The Momo Academy ( to take mindfulness, meditation and yoga into Danish schools.

Gitte has also written a number of best-selling children’s books, sold the world over in various languages, that are endorsed by the Royal Danish Embassy.



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