Heather Cassidy of Crystal Healing Cheshire

Heather Cassidy

Heather treats a variety of ailments with energy healing but is known for removing blockages placed their by others to prevent people moving forward, once the stagnant energy and blockages are removed it helps greatly with anxiety and depression and her clients move forward happily with good health and success in their achievements.

Nominees Achievements (ovcr the last 12 months)

1) Heather has worked on people with newly broken bones, one time a client walked on a broken foot straight after a treatment after only breaking it 3 days earlier.

2) Helping children to sleep through the night following treatment, one little boy is scared to sleep after his dad died and he slept for the first time in his life.

3) One client with chronic fatigue syndrome was rarely leaving home due to exhaustion, she was not working and her once active lifestyle was no more, now she is active, found a new partner and is running a successful new business.



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