Charlie Greig of WHO AM I?

Charlie Greig

Depression can affect anyone at any time, traumatic life events are often the triggers that knock us off balance and this is what happened to me. I went from being a highly successful property developer/interior designer for celebrity clients, such as Emma Bunton and Depeche Mode, to homeless after taking a multi million pound risk bringing the UK’s first carbon neutral housing product “Cub” to market in 2010.

I now see this period of loss in my life as a wonderful gift as it has allowed me to awaken and find true purpose. I was born to be a profound Spiritual Teacher to help at this time, but first, I had to experience major life lessons to be ready to take on this challenge. I have invested over 35,000 hours of dedicated learning to help you achieve extraordinary wellness in the shortest time possible.

Nominees Achievement (over the last 12 months):

I have launched my 10 week online programme available to stream worldwide.

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