Jessica Boston Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Transformational Coaching

Jessica Boston


As a client, you are at the centre of her work – all treatments are tailored exactly to your individual needs and goals. She will enable you to permanently release anxiety, face fears and realise your true, confident self. She helps clients see themselves honestly and with acceptance, so you can address self-imposed limitations and inspire permanent change.

Nominee’s Achievements (over the last 12 months):

Her debut album “This Feeling is You” was released in April 2020 and won an award for Best Hypnotherapy Audio. It was shown in the Contemporary Museum of Art Barcelona as a therapeutic/art performance.

“This Feeling is You” was voted one of the Coolest things of the week by GQ Magazine and was recommended by best selling author Matt Haig to his 400,000 followers.

She achieved her business goals this year through hard work consistency and continually revising her methods for results. She now has a fully booked practice so she can continue to create powerful meditations in her spare time that change peoples lives.

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