Galitta Tassa – The Power of Your Voice to Heal Your Life


I opened my mouth to sing and a broken uncontrolled sound came out. My friends giggled, and my favorite teacher said with kindness, “never mind you don’t have to join the choir, you just focus on your dance routine.” 

How much I wanted to sing. Singing looked to me like another way of letting my heart fly free. I dreamed of being able to carry a tune or to lift my voice to a higher note. But, most of the time, I couldn’t even make a sound. When I tried, my voice was hoarse, if it came out at all. The cause was unknown, even after seeing several doctors.

I was not prepared to accept my fragile voice. Throughout my teens and early twenties, I spent my hard-earned money to have vocal development classes with different kinds of teachers and methods. I found that by using my voice in humming, chanting, and singing to myself I was actually harmonizing my body and my mind. 

Tribal Voice:

Many cultures use song, dance and storytelling as a spiritual practice to be in tune with their higher self and others. These were known to me from my own culture, so I delved deeper into them. While practicing Shamanism and deeper healing, I discovered that the ability to open my voice was not only a product of physical training. I found that my inability to breathe well was connected to the emotional pain that was trapped in my body and my expression center: the throat chakra

Guided by intuition, I started to feel the power of voice healing in my life. Surprisingly, I discovered that my ‘one octave and a half’ range has gradually grown to three. 

As I sang, chanted, and played my Shamanic drums, I realized that our individual and natural voice becomes the linchpin that connects our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual being. 

Voice Healing:

Healing the stored physical pain in my body, that was passed down to me from my ancestors, brought me closer to my authentic voice. Now, I continue to investigate how to work with sound, meditation, chants, speaking, singing and sounding, and drumming to bring myself and others into a higher state of pure potential. 

The voice is organically connected to our state of mind and health. Through our own voice vibration, we can remove blockages and create more open space in our emotional bodies. It’s intimately connected to our true essence and has the power to detect and move stagnant energy. The resonance breaks down the blocks we have in our own minds, hearts, bodies, and spirits. That is why it is the best way to balance and harmonize our inner being emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

From my desire to simply sing, I found much more than my singing voice. I learned that by using our four voices: heart, mind, body, and spirit, we can bring ourselves into wholeness with ease and grace. I found my authentic self, learned who I am, expanded my consciousness, and healed my broken heart. Out of those experiences, my Four Voices Method was developed. I started writing songs, recording, and performing and shared my discoveries with my community through workshops and performances. Shamanic drumming is another Sound healing instrument I use with clients and groups to reduce stress, raise the frequency, synchronous brain activity, and boost our immune system. 

Our Voice, Our Inner Power:

My path towards my own voice also opened my understanding of the power we have in using our voices together. There is a lot of joy in sharing with people the experience of opening their voices. 

One of my most memorable experiences was working with a woman I met in a crisis center. She came from Sierra Leone, and stopped speaking and caring for herself after witnessing the tragic murder of her child. In a group workshop, where we played with voice, theater, drumming, and movement, she sat on the side and watched. Then once she agreed to join us. In a moment of true bravery, she stood in the circle and outed a raw, wild voice. The sound was not a note, song, or chant. It was a powerful and primal sound, strong enough for her to signal that she is fighting back. All of the women cheered and she smiled. It was the beginning of her next level of recovery. 

Our voice is our personal healing tool, which we can use and play with at any moment of the day. So don’t forget your voice. Let it be your guide to who you are and who you can be.   


About The Author

Galitta creates transformative and sensory performances and healing events that are composed of stories, songs, music, ceremonies, and dance. 

She is a performing Shaman, sound healer, and singer-songwriter, and helps you transmute your shadows into light with the power of your Four Voices, through healing sessions, workshops, and online programs. 

If you want to start to connect to your voice and inner power download here my Morning Activation of a guided visualization and Sound healing.


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