Beth Carboni – The Healing Power of Music

As I write this article, I’m also preparing for a healing event where the sound and music will take my attendees on a journey of their inner world. The carefully selected songs will help to shift their brainwaves, open their hearts, reconnect them to their souls and raise their energetic vibe. Music and sound have the profound power to do all of this and so much more.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – Plato

For thousands and thousands of years, humans have been using sound and music for healing. Dating back to over 40,000 years ago the aborigines were using the digeridoo with chanting and dance for sacred ceremonies and celebration. The first mention of music being used to positively influence the human body was found in Egyptian medical papyri dating back to 1500 BC. Plato was one of the earliest Greek philosophers to explore the healing and transformative power of music and he believed that music is “directed principally towards the soul”.

Today in the western world, the popularity of sound and music healing is growing. It is no longer unusual for someone to have attended a sound bath and thanks to multiple music platforms people now have increased access to amazing artists from all over the world that share music, chants and binaural beats that are intended to heal and guide you back to your origin. The growth in scientific research also helps to prove and raise awareness of the amazing benefits that our ancient ancestors intuitively knew – that sound and music has profoundly positive effects on our mind, body and soul.

Let’s start with the mind. In today’s world where we are constantly connected to a device and busier than we have ever been before, our brains are always switched on and we leak so much energy through the noise of our thoughts. After closing our eyes for 3-6minutes our brains should naturally drift into an alpha brainwave but research by Doctor Jeffrey Thompson showed that this is no longer happening. The sample of healthy research participants were staying stuck in a beta brainwave. This is because our brains are so over stimulated. Sound and music are proven to help quieten down the thinking mind and gently shift your brain into alpha, delta or even theta brainwaves. It’s in these brainwaves that you can access emotions of peace, love and calm.

On a physiological level, we know that we are a walking bunch of vibrating atoms. We also know that in today’s society most people live with an element of stress. Bruce Lipton talks about stress bringing disharmony to our system and this creates ‘dis-ease’. For many this feeling of disharmony may have become the norm and when listening to harmonic frequencies it is the reminder that they have strayed from their true nature.

We know that music and sound are able to heal through the law of entrainment. The principle of entrainment shows that when you introduce a higher vibrating frequency to a lower vibrating system (whether that be biological, electrical, musical, geographical or meterological), they will come into synchrony with the higher frequency. In this instance, harmonic resonance is achieved. For example, when you are feeling flat and you listen to uplifting and harmonic songs, you can feel your spirit being lifted. The same applies to sound healing. When someone attends a session, any disharmony that they are experiencing is brought into harmonic resonance with the organic and healing vibrations of the spiritual instruments. Through entrainment, healing is achieved.

On a soul level, science is not required to prove the benefits. You only have to listen to a song that is intended to speak with your soul and you feel the connection. At the end of this article are some of the songs that have had a profoundly awakening and healing effect on my life and I invite you to sit or lay mindfully and listen to them with the intention of connecting to your heart. Listen with presence. Feel the healing effects.

Music can help to heal individuals and communities through joy, harmony and love. At a time where there is so much fear being pushed out into the collective, I really feel that we are being called to use sound and music to entrain this vibration of fear back to love and truth.

“Once upon a time…there was the simple understanding that to sing at dawn and to sing at dusk was to heal the world through joy. The birds still remember what we have forgotten, that the world is meant to be celebrated.” Terry Tempest Williams

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About The Author

Beth is a Energy + Sound Healing Therapist and Hypnobirthing Coach. Using deep sub-conscious healing and spiritual practise, Beth helps sensitive women that struggle with anxiety, self-doubt and burn-out to live with more self-love, ease and enoughness.

While Beth specialises in supporting women through their pregnancy and motherhood journey, her work supports anyone that feels victim to their big emotions and busy minds.



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