Shine Shampoo Bars

We always believe here at The Energy Healing Magazine that the products we love to review should use quality, simple ingredients that are kept as close to nature as possible. We’re really excited to share with you our findings about these lovely Shine Shampoo Bars with you.

On of the team members Delphine has been using a Shine Shampoo Bar over the last few weeks and has found it delightful. After being a little apprehensive at first exchanging her normal shampoo bottle for this little tin of goodness her thoughts we’re quickly changed.

Shine Shampoo Bar’s creator Jonathan Harries has 30 years’ experience as a hairdresser and runs Shine Hair Salon in Brighton, UK. He wanted to create something simple but unique for his clients. So he formulated the Shine Shampoo Bar.

We liked the fact that the Shine Shampoo Bar comes in a re-usable tin (no plastic bottles – always a plus for our planet). Making Shine a really handy accesory to pop in a gym bag or travel bag for that weekend/holiday away. One of the first things you’ll notice when you lather up a Shine’s Shampoo Bar is not only is it easy to use but it also has a delicious fresh, tangy citrus aroma. The fragrance is one of lemon and ginger making this a perfect product for the whole family to use. A great little gift idea too.

Shine Shampoo Bars are made from naturally derived ingredients that leaves your hair feeling and smelling amazing. You can purchase a Shine Shampoo Bar for £9.50 including the tin, from their website, which we thought was a reasonably priced as you not only have no waste but Shine Shampoo Bars last up to 4 times longer that liquid shampoos. There is also an option to purchase just the Shine Shampoo Bar as a refill for £8.50. Plus if you spend over £16 you can use a discount code for Freeship at the checkout for FREE SHIPPING (UK ONLY).

If you use a colour on your hair as Delphine has Shine have advised the quinoa contained in their formula ensures prolonged life of your hair colour.  We also loved the fact that these products have not been tested on animals.

The Energy Healing Magazine would like to highly recommend Shine Shampoo Bars to it’s readers by giving it an


If you’d like to try Shine Shampoo Bars visit their website: Shine Shampoo Bars Ltd



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