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With hundreds of skin moisturisers on the market today how do you even begin as a consumer to decide what is going to work for you? We often find here at The Energy Healing Magazine when we are looking for new products we have our own tick list to consider such as: **the ones that are made of natural ingredients, that have not been animal tested, received great reviews/achieved required results or have won awards & have recyclable/biodegradable packaging is a great starting point.

The Energy Healing Magazine team have been trialing SkinGenius Soothing Moisturiser over the Christmas holidays to the present day, which is a total of 24 days. We must point out that although none of our team here suffers from acne or has any other facial outbreaks of spots etc, we can clearly see we have all benefited from using this moisturiser and would like to share our findings with you all in this review.

SkinGenius have advised their range of natural products are particularly good for people (men, women & teenagers) with sensitive skin, who suffer from acne, acne rosacea or breakouts. SkinGenius products are mildly astringent to cleanse and soothe inflammation while the nourishing nut oils combine to create a rich but light lotion.

You can use all of SkinGenius natural products as a complete daily/night routine depending on your requirements at any given time for your skin i.e outbreaks. Their range consists of a Foaming Face Wash, a Leave On Purifying Gel and a Soothing Moisturiser .

We loved the presentation/packaging SkinGenius use for their products as first impressions really do go a long way especially with new customers. Upon receiving our package from SkinGenius the Soothing Moisturiser was not only packaged in a beautiful 100% cotton reusable bag, we also found a little bag of fragrant lavender and a chocolate inside. We think these little extras were a very thoughtful accompaniment. SkinGenius have advised that all their packaging is recyclable and are currently looking into a biodegradable option.

All of SkinGenius range can be bought from their website and they also give a 10% discount off your first order, which we thought was a great introductory offer. The Soothing Moisturiser we thought is reasonably priced at £18.99 for a 50 ml pot.

The team all found this moisturiser very pleasant to use as it sinks into the skin beautifully leaving no greasy trace. The SkinGenius Soothing Moisturiser also has an amazing light, fresh, lemony fragrance due to the Lemon Tea Tree oil used in the ingredients. After trialing SkinGenius Soothing Moisturiser for 24 days we all found our skins look fresher and well hydrated. A great plus point as the harsh winter weather at this time of year and the drying effects of additional indoor heating can take its toll on your skin, leaving it dry and flakey.

We found this product simple to use as you apply one pump (measure) onto clean, dry skin and gently massage over face and neck. Allowing the lotion to be absorbed into the skin. The team used SkinGenius Soothing Moisturiser morning and night to achieve maximum results, which we all found this moisturiser achieved. Not only did this product leave our skin feeling fresh, clean but also well moisturised but it helped reduce fine lines too.

The ingredients of Babassu, Macadamia and Brazil nut bring a powerful blend full of antioxidants that will help to heal and protect the skin. With qualities similar to your skin’s natural sebum, they hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.  (Please note: This product is ok for people with nut allergies as the allergic reaction only occurs when you eat the nut. Also, the oils used in this product have been refined and the proteins which cause the allergic reaction removed.)

The team here at The Energy Healing Magazine would highly recommend SkinGenius Soothing Moisturiser as it ticks all our boxes **(including introductory list above) reasonable priced, easy to use – light & non greasy, the lotion is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving the face looking fresh and well hydrated. It has a pleasant, light, fresh lemony fragrance that is not overpowering.

If you’re looking for a range of products that can help relieve you symptoms of acne, acne rosacea and skin outbreaks hopefully we’ve (The Energy Healing Magazine) highlighted something new for you to try in 2020.  This review has been written purely from a facial moisturiser point of view as a lovely product to try.

We’d like to give SkinGenius Soothing Moisturiser for this review:



SkinGenius, an award-winning 100% natural skincare brand who believes you should feel great in your skin and live a life free from acne.

If you’d like to try any of SkinGenius products visit their website




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