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Do you ever stop to think just how hard our hands work each day even more importantly what they go through over a live time?

On average we wash our hands at least 8 times a day for example: before meals, washing up, after using the bathroom. As important as it is to have high standards of hygiene, over washing your hands can cause them to dry out, crack and bleed, which allows germs to enter the body. That’s why it’s so important to have a good hand cream to hand i.e on your desk/work place, at the kitchen sink etc, so that you can put moisture lost back into your skin as soon as possible.

Here at The Energy Healing Magazine the team have been trialing SEAMS hand cream this month to the present day, a total of 25 days. This hand cream was originally born from the fashion industry.  It’s founder Karen J. Gerrard created SEAMS Hand Cream for couturiers and seamstresses to help mend, moisturise and soothe dry pin-pricked hands. With one key important thought being the hand cream did not transfer onto the fabrics whilst working on them.

Although none of our team work within the couturiers/seamstress industry we all know the importance of looking after our hands. Although we can’t stop the aging process we can help slow it down by moisturising daily with quality products.  Your hands are one of the first areas to show signs of ageing as we lose collagen naturally over time, which means that skin on our hands can begin to look thin and sallow.

We have SEAMS hand cream situated on our desks as a constant reminder to use it as being journalists we are always meeting people and first impressions can often be made with an initial handshake.

The team have found SEAMS hand cream really easy to use it does what it proclaims to do, the cream soaks into your hands instantly and leaves them feeling smooth and non greasy. These results of this are due to the ingredients of Shea Butter and Macadamia/Rosehip Oils (a blend of natural oils rich in Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids). SEAMS hand cream also has a delightful light fragrance of Lavender & Fragonia Oil, which we all found to be very pleasant.

SEAMS hand cream comes in a handy size to fit in your handbag or sit on your deskspace. To purchase a 75ml SEAMS hand cream from their website would cost £14, which we thought was reasonable price. We did not find any introductory offers available, but you can make some savings on their multibuys and occasional free shipping to.  The team here at The Energy Healing Magazine found a 75ml tube lasts for about a month using a small amount of the SEAMS hand cream 2/3 times a day. We were also pleased to find that SEAMS do not do test their hand creams on animals.

The team here at The Energy Healing Magazine would like to recommend SEAMS hand cream as it ticks most of our boxes for a great product, the cream absorbs quickly into your hands leaving them feeling instantly moisturised, soft and smooth. The cream has a lovely light fragrance, is non greasy, comes in a handy sized tube (biodegradable packaging would have been a plus), has not been tested on animals and has some offers available for customers to enjoy although we thought the hand cream is reasonable priced at £14 per 75ml tube. We would like to give SEAMS hand cream:








About The Author

Karen J. Gerrard, Founder and Creator of SEAMS Beauty, is the modern day woman balancing responsibilities in business and family.

Karen’s passion for sewing led her to later pursue a course in Millinery at The London College of Fashion. Her hands took a beating from the repetitive use of sewing needles, hot irons, and constantly being in water, leaving them cracked, dry, pin pricked and sore. She was not alone.

“I wanted to buy a hand cream that would moisturize and help heal our sore, dry, pin-pricked hands, but didn’t transfer grease onto the fabrics. I couldn’t find one so I created SEAMS.”



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