Dr Kate Tomas – Energy Cleansing Jewellery

You might think giving your jewellery a physical cleanse with either in a microcurrent jewellery cleaner (these are amazing for cleaning vintage jewellery that is water-safe), or with a special gold or silver cloth would be enough to make sure your pieces look their best, but if you’re not also cleansing them of negative energy, you’re missing a trick.

Energy is all around us, and although invisible (most of the time), like dust, it accumulates on everything and everyone, including your precious (or not so precious) jewellery. The more you wear a piece of jewellery the more energy it is likely to have attached to you.

The more pure metals the piece contains – like gold or silver – the more important it becomes to regularly cleanse your jewellery of that energy. Crystal jewellery- anything containing precious or semi precious gems – needs very regular cleansing to make sure they are vibrating at their optimum frequency, and working hard to give you the healing benefits you expect.

Gold and silver are both crystals, and all crystalline structures have infinitely repeating regular cellular structures. What makes a crystal a crystal, is this repeating uniform way in which the cells arrange themselves. So, whether you have a clear quartz pendant or a ruby ring set in gold, or a pair of silver earrings, all of the materials that make up these pieces of jewellery have uniform cellular structures. Energy can be contained in the inter-cellular spaces.

This can be both good and bad – when making magickal talismans, incredibly powerful positive energy is imbued into the crystalline  structure of the piece, transforming it into a powerful piece of magickal power. But if you never energetically cleanse your jewellery, that space can get filled with fear, anxiety, scarcity, pain, loneliness – anything at all.

For this reason it is very important to cleanse your jewellery at least once a month, ideally on a waning moon. If you have worn your jewellery whilst experiencing anything negative – either an argument, a fright of any sort, or even a bad dream, it’s important to cleanse your jewellery too, to prevent you carrying around that bad energy.

The good news is that it is very easy to powerfully and effectively cleanse negative energy from your jewellery. Just as you would cleanse your crystals, there are different techniques. My preferred way and often the safest way to cleanse delicate or precious items, is to hold them over the smoke of burning incense. Traditionally pure frankincense would be used, but any cleansing herb will work – including sage, pine, cedar or sandalwood.

You can also keep your jewellery in a bowl surrounded by salt, overnight. I put one bowl inside another container filled with sea salt. Not only will cleansing your jewelley of energy make it vibrate at its optimum frequency, you will notice how brighter it feels and looks. Treat your jewellery like you would precious crystals, and you will notice a very positive impact in how you feel when you wear your pieces.

About The Author

Dr Kate Tomas is the Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Mentor. She teaches a year long life-changing spiritual mentorship program called the Spiritual Life Upgrade, and is the Founder of Ouroboros Limited Editions where she creates True Magikal Talismans. She is also the best selling author of the book Chakra Crystals.

To find out more visit: https://ouroboroslimitededitions.com


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