Stephanie Serone Shares There Must Be Something Wrong With Me?

There Must Be Something Wrong With Me,

I Must Be Too Broken!

The Problem

I was such a big people pleaser and I put huge expectations on myself to be a certain way every moment of my life. I was a perfectionist and I had low self-worth and self-value. I cared so much about what other people thought. I just wanted to be accepted and would morph into whoever I needed to be in each moment like a chameleon. I pushed and pushed myself to be my very best and to prove to others I was worthy. I put so much pressure on myself to have it all together.

It eventually got all too much, however I continued to hide it behind a big smile pretending I was ok. No one but my husband really knew how I much I was struggling. Back in 2017 I was working in a stressful, demanding job, dealing with workplace bullying and chronic pain.

I was in a dark place mentally for quite a few years with anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, not feeling good enough and I couldn’t find my way out. I felt trapped. I felt overwhelmed as it was so exhausting having pain, physically and mentally. I just couldn’t cope and was losing sleep and stuck in a downward spiral. I felt like I was drowning.

A psychologist told me I would have to quit my job, as I had so much social anxiety. I was looking into training a puppy as an assistance animal because I didn’t feel safe when I left my house. I had sought help in so many places to resolve my anxiety and depression and lost hope that I could ever be happy again because no matter what I tried (psychology, journaling, meditation, affirmations etc) and what tools I had, they only helped short term or not at all and made me feel worse by dredging up the pain, week after week.

I remember my psychologist saying “your just going to have to accept this”.

The Solution

Something inside me was stubborn and I am so thankful I didn’t accept the way I was feeling as the best I was going to get. I finally broke the sabotaging cycle of these (and many more insecurities) by discovering and working with a female specific process that addressed the inter-generational root of my belief systems, resolved the mental baggage, chronic emotions, negative head chatter and beliefs I had about myself.

In one month, I went from an anxious, overwhelmed young woman who had lost hope and felt trapped to a confident, happy, excited woman.

I resolved my anxiety, depression, self doubt, constant stress and living in fight or flight for good. I got my spark and my life back. I felt like I could truly be myself without fear of judgement, not worry about what other people thought of me and like I could actually give myself a break and stop pushing myself and striving for perfection. I allowed myself to be human and love the person I was.

I was finally free. I thought it was impossible to completely transform how I felt about myself. I was in disbelief and thought maybe I just felt good for now but it wouldn’t actually be able to last.

Five years later, and my life has continued to improve. I am happier and more confident than I could have ever imagined. I have lived more in the last 5 years than the prior 27 years combined. The confidence, self belief and trust I gained enabled me to follow my dreams which included quitting my job, selling most of our possessions and travelling around Australia with my husband and French bulldog Scout. I was able to truly live my life to the fullest and actually enjoy it instead of living in my head.

The Missing Factor In Healing For Women

Four out of five women will find that they slip through the cracks and require ongoing help or they continue to come back for the same issue later on. This is because there are so many differences in the way women process emotion so we require a specific approach that works with our unique biological design for complete, irreversible change that actually lasts.

Unfortunately most women think (like I did) that they are too broken to be fixed. Not realising the tool isn’t actually designed specifically with them in mind. Missing the female factor.

This approach to healing does not go back into your story; you don’t have to relive all of the pain and talk about the hurtful memories and events over and over again. You finally just get to move past it all and leave it behind where it belongs, detaching from the negative emotions.

That’s the reason I love it so much. We live with our pain day in, day out, so when it comes time for healing we deserve fast, lasting, pain free and guaranteed change so we can go out and enjoy living our lives.

What emotion, thought or feelings come up for you regularly that do not support you in your life and such away your joy? If you would like to resolve that, like really resolve if FOR GOOD plus all the inter-generational patterns and emotional scarring with a process that works with the science of epigenetics to break the cycle guaranteed and uncover the true. Then please reach out you’ll find some links below…


About The Author:

Stephanie Serone is a licensed Transformologist® an authority in empowering women, and facilitating the world’s only female specific transformation process based on the science of epigenetics to resolve chronic emotional issues and inter-generational trauma to eliminate the stress response to create inspiring, instant and irreversible change.

Specialising in guiding women who feel betrayed by their bodies to uncover who they truly are. I was so inspired by my transformation that I studied and became licensed in the modality to help other women like myself as a trained Creatrix®️Transformologist®️

Stephanie is a successful business owner, educating and empowering female clients all over the world including the UK, Australia, Canada, and the USA.

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