Emma Woolrich – When Does A Digestion Issue Start To Rule Your Life?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


This is what a client of mine asked me recently.

Rewind nearly 20 years and yep that was me.  On the outside a highly successful woman in a Corporate role at the top of her game.  On the inside managing a volatile chronic digestive disorder most commonly known globally as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, affectionately IBS for short.

What Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

IBS impacts 1 in 5 people globally, predominantly women.  Statistics worldwide estimate 10-15% of the population has IBS.  Symptoms range from diarrhoea, to constipation, stomach cramping, bloating.  It is a major women’s health issue[1]

Standard day to day living consisted of a Russian roulette approach.  Take medication to prevent an IBS flare up. Eat foods that you thought you were ok with.  Keep stress to a minimum.

Travelling overseas was a military style operation.  Each element of the itinerary planned to the tiniest detail.

“Where are the closest toilets.”

“Do I Have A Clean Set Of Undies In Case Of An Accident?”

My husband used to joke that I carried enough medical supplies to cover all known ailments to humanity.  Something for pain, laxatives, medication for cramping, which actually worked against the laxatives.  It was a constant juggling of dosage in direct comparison to the activities I was undertaking AND whether it was also the time of the month.

Fast forward to 2011 I was now living in Melbourne and had experienced yet another IBS attack.  This time for no apparent food or stress related reason.

I Was Emotionally At One Of The Lowest Points In My Life. 

Then I found a local new type of test, Hydrogen Breath Testing[2] that could identify what I was unable to digest.  Bingo! My last episode was because I had eaten an apple.  Great I had a path.

Fast forward to January 2017 and whilst there had been huge improvements in my understanding of what quantity of foods triggered an IBS attack, there were still underlying issues happening with my reproductive organs.  I had beyond heavy periods, cramping and bloating and not always in line with my period.

Following two fairly routine operations to rule out anything serious, my body did a reset.

“I Was In Agony From The Top Of My Stomach To My Womb”

That’s when I took a completely different approach.  Instead of managing this chronic issue I was going to find my root cause.  Medically the advice I received was to follow the low FODMAP diet.[1] I knew there had to be more.

I enlisted the help of a local naturopath and together we went through more tests.  This time looking for what my body was blood allergic to.  Here were yet more food groups that allegedly were absolutely fine for IBS but were definitely a no no for me.

Rice, eggs, almonds were now added to the Do not pass my lips list. I went through a full detox with my naturopath’s guidance.

And Then Something Very Exciting Started To Happen. 

I started to have dreams relating to experiences earlier in my life between the ages of 2 and 8.  When I awoke from each dream, I could see that I now had a very different perception of the memory.  Each time I interpreted a dream I also recognized that the pain in my body was reducing.  My ovaries, kidneys, liver were all healing.  Over the period of 4 months I lost over 14kgs as my body gradually released stored up negative emotions.

Using my background in neuroscience and intuitive healing I started researching what I was doing almost unconsciously.  I was laying down not only new neural pathways for seemingly irrelevant memories, but also creating new ways for my brain to recreate the cellular patterning for organs in my body.  A whole new way of programming to reduce inflammation stored in my organs.

If I Can Do It Then So Can You!

I had no medical background and yet here I was living proof that we can listen to our bodies.  We can make changes that impact our entire environment, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Fast forward to today.  I am medication free.  I still follow the FODMAP diet.

I undertake my own daily, weekly, monthly set of meditation style practices that I have been teaching globally for 3 years.  No, you don’t need to have a chronic ailment to benefit and yes you do reconnect to hear your own body and reconnect to your own hidden gifts.

Who knows, YOU could be your own solution to your chronic health issue.

It’s worth a try don’t you think?


About The Author

Emma Woolrich is the creator and founder of the Self Healing modality Spiritually You Orb Genetics ® a meditation style framework that she created a little over 3 years ago as a direct result of resolving her own lifelong Irritable Bowel Syndrome following her own methods.
Underwritten by the International Institute of complementary therapies IICT and is recognised as an approved training provider of her modality in 27 countries. She has practitioners in 3 countries and clients all over the world. Her work has been featured in local, national and international media and hosted at the Melbourne Mind Body & Spirit
Her mission is to positively impact over 1 billion people across the planet to unleash their own hidden gifts and leave behind a Self healing legacy that can be used by individuals from all walks of life in a simple daily, weekly and monthly set of practices. Her clients have achieved awesome success empowering themselves to leave jobs they hate and create income streams they love. Some have reversed chronic illnesses. Others have simply created a better sleep routine and are now using their dreams as an untapped resource to solve problems they face in their life whilst they sleep.


Tribe Leader at Experience You

Tel:+61 411 404966


[1] International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disorders Facts About IBS

[2] Hydrogen Breath Test: Purpose, Preparation, Procedure, and Results (healthline.com)

[1] Low FODMAP Diet | IBS Research at Monash University – Monash Fodmap

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