Dr Stephen Woodbury Shares Pain Relief: Ancient Assets For A Modern Problem?

Have you had a pain that simply will not go away regardless of what pills or treatments you have tried? I did too. I had an injury that produced a range of acute and chronic pains, along with other problems that included side-effects from medications. On top of that, I was misdiagnosed for years, which created other problems as I pushed through the pain and did more damage. Then I was told that there was nothing they can do – I had to just get used to it and live with the pain. The pain though was compounded as the emotional pains like depression, fear, regrets were adding to the physical pain and continual failure added a hopelessness and helplessness that exponentially aggravated the whole package.

Eventually though, I learned how to control and remove my pain myself. I have spent a life researching what it was that I did that succeeded where the mainstream pain-relief offerings failed and I have condensed 3 decades of learning how to remove Pain into a 4-week course, The MindZen Method™, that may help you too. The secret is a wholesale re-evaluation of how we read pain signals; and a change at the unconscious source of pain, not just blocking a conscious symptom for a while.

If we look at pain as an emotion of the Homeostatic system, things make sense, and become workable. Homeostasis is the self-regulating system designed to keep us alive. In this framework, any emotional or physical pain is part of our Ancient signalling system, that highlights an imbalance in the bio-organism. Emotions are the feedback of the biological system regarding life stasis. The Homeostatic process is designed to bring us into balance to maintain life, and can operate separately from conscious inputs.

The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, used the idea of activating Nature’s Healing, medicatrix naturae, within a person to restore balance within the system. Feedback is through the emotions. In Hippocrates’ time the crisis was the indicator of the body healing. Pus or fever was Nature’s Healing in play. Today illness or disease has to be killed and removed. When viewed from a mind-body connected perspective, healing involves harmony, trusting the body and listening to the emotive signals. In contrast, bio-medicine typically uses militaristic language—fighting cancer; killing pain; the war on [something]—which has one fighting the Self, whilst looking at the signal as the enemy to be eliminated. Unfortunately, bio-medicine runs on the idea of interventions like surgery and medicines to kill any of these signals. In this framework the unconscious is seen as the thing that inflicts punishment, rather than the ally that heralds a warning.

Ignoring this Ancient Homeostatic signalling system brings the same result as ignoring thirst—the signal gets more intense. The intension of the signal is to maintain balance, to maintain life. Killing a signal at any cost opposes this Ancient dynamic.  If pain is a result of the Homeostasis system, and its purpose is to restore the balance of the person’s bio-system, killing the pain without addressing the cause is misguided. Removing the signal does not put the system back in balance. Pharmacological pain relief blocks receipt of the signal temporarily, thereby altering the experience of a symptom only, and only for a short time. The system remains out of balance. The solution is to satisfy the signals sent from the Homeostasis system.

Let’s think about how a cut in the skin heals. Pain lets you know that there is something wrong. Here the conscious awareness realises and acts upon the signal. You may have to clean up the cut, wash it out, stitch it up, or put a band aid on, or the like. However, once the conscious attempts to help have happened, the cut heals without any conscious thinking. That is, once we consciously remove obstacles to healing, the unconscious automatically joins the cells, somehow, with its own Ancient Knowledge stored at the unconscious level. In fact, one thing I have learned in my clinical work over the decades is that most of the body’s repair work happens when the mind is right and the unconscious does its thing.

The unconscious processing and Homeostatic signalling system is an Ancient System, designed to activate Ancient Assets we have within our deeper genetics.  Healing mostly happens at the unconscious level without thought. What I did may be able to help you, or people you know. How would you like to learn what I did to stop or remove your emotional or physical pain?


About The Author

Dr. Steve Woodbury, Founder, and Director of the MindZen Method™ provide personally tailored one-on-one sessions and group-based, mind, and high-performance well-being services globally. He is a recognized leader and Master Coach in cognitive and non-cognitive intelligence, achieving heightened consciousness for excelling in performance, recovery, and pain removal abilities.

As a past “chronic pain survivor” he experienced many of the current pain management systems to be ineffective. They are not designed to treat pain and heal, but more so to cope. All MindZen Method™ programs are designed to train or re-train conscious and unconscious processing and behaviours.

At Mindzen Group, Steve works at the source of your emotions by filling the gaps where cognitive (counselling, psychology, including sports psychology) and pain clinics at times fail people.

Their Primary Clients Are:
>High-Performance individuals (mind/body connection; flow-states)
>Elite Athletes
>Executives (executive repair)

Their Specialized Programs Include:
>Mind/Body Connection (dealing with burnout, emptiness, depression)
>The Difference – Coping & Healing from Pain
>Pain Management & Removal (emotional & physical)
>PTSD (trauma)
>Palliative Care

Clients Also Include:
>Men and women from all walks of life that are dealing with severe chronic pain and have found recommended therapies not working.

The Results: Clients Report:
>More Control
>More Fulfilment
>More Life Direction

All MindZen Method™ programs are uniquely tailored and conducted in-house at their Australian practice or via zoom worldwide.

To Find Out More Visit:

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-stephen-woodbury/
Email – steve@mindzengroup.com

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