Belinda Aloisio Shares Energy Healing for Energy Healers

Belinda is a leading International Transformational Life Coach, specialising in powerful and intuitive coaching, Rapid Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy for greater alignment and empowerment.  As a provider of energy healing, she recognises that practitioners require energy healing themselves to ensure they look after their clients and deliver the best possible outcomes. Here she shares her top tips to ensure you are the very best version of yourself at all times….

When a practitioner puts so much of their personal energy into accessing higher vibrational frequencies and holding the space for the people they are working on, it’s common for their own energy levels to drop. Energy healers use their physical body as a vessel to bring the higher dimensional frequency energies through. 

After an intense energy healing session, especially one where there is a lot of shifting happening, it’s essential to allow your body time to rest, recalibrate and repair to restore energy levels.

There are also ways to prepare your body to protect yourself and maximise your own energy levels before sessions. I always start my day by grounding, connecting with mother earth, and then practising meditation or a visualisation to create protection around me.

I use sage and Palo Santo to cleanse and call upon ascended masters such as Archangel Michael to protect me, the space and my clients, while sacred crystals such as Moldavite, Black Obsidian and Jet add extra protection.

Using your energy to heal others is incredibly rewarding, but it’s so important for healers to safeguard their own energy levels as this will not only compromise their own health, but also their ability to heal others effectively in the long term.

Here are my Top Tips for Energy Healers to

Maintain Optimum Levels of Energy to Best Serve Others:

1. Gratitude, Ground, Protect and Connect. This is a practice I do every morning in my meditation space. It only takes 10-15 minutes and is the perfect start to the day before my meditation and daily intentions. 

2. Cleanse your energy and space after each client; this can be done with sage, Palo Santo and crystals. 

3. Make sure you are getting regular and good quality rest. 

4. Take a ‘Goddess Bath’ at least once a week. This is a wonderfully restoring bath filled with salts, essential oils, bubbles and rose petals. Put some gentle relaxing music on, light some candles, and enjoy soaking in all the goodness for at least 30 minutes uninterrupted.

5. Drink a cup of warm raw cacao a least once a week to keep your heart chakra open.

6. Book in a minimum of two times per month to receive energy healing, massage, gong baths, or practice yoga, chanting, breath work, or guided meditations. Whatever your soul is calling you towards. It is important for healers to receive and stay grounded, connected and aligned too! 

Did you know…..

  • Everything in this universe is energy!
  • We all come from the one universal (energy) source from the creator and that energy is the energy of unconditional love.
  • Some energies are denser, like our bodies and physical mass, while others are lighter like the air we breathe.
  • Even money is energy.
  • Energy is infinite and so abundant in every possible way.
  • Energy is magical and can convert and be channelled into an infinite possibility of things.

About The Author

After a successful career in the corporate industry, Belinda made the decision to make a change and channel her energy to help others by combining her corporate mentoring skills and spiritual intelligence to bring a 360-degree approach to transform lives. Her bespoke approach ensures each programme she devises is tailored to the individual needs of each client. Working with individuals, couples, groups and organisations, Belinda has delivered successful results to people from all walks of life including corporate executives, international actors and actresses, creatives and many more.

Belinda has completed a Bachelor of Business, Master of Finance and Accounting, and spent many years working with leading global organisations such as Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Allergan and L’Oreal. She has acquired a Masters in Reiki, NLP, as well as a Clinical Hypnotherapy Advanced Diploma (Including CBT), a Life Coaching Certification and a Masters in Meditation.

Whether you need help to set strategic, career or life goals, rediscover your inner light or free yourself from old patterns and limiting beliefs, Belinda will work with you in the most profound and enlightening ways to rapidly increase mindfulness, connection and align your values.

With over 10 years of experience in energy healing, hypnotherapy, life coaching and meditation, Belinda will transform your outlook and awaken motivation and confidence, enabling you to attain fulfilment, purpose and your own personal life success.

+44 7900 593 123

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