Marina Ormes – Healing With Moon Cycles

Whether you are dealing with a chronic health issue, find yourself repeating emotional patterns like self-sabotage or feelings of unworthiness, or are trying to heal traumas from the past, it can be challenging to know if you are on track or what you should trust.

I find that working with Moon cycles is a wonderful way to stay on track and work with natural cycles that support mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional growth and healing.

The Moon’s cycles represent ongoing, ever-present energies of change that support us in our unfolding process of manifestation and healing. You can work with this supportive cycle over time to manifest positive change and tangible results.

  1. Set Intentions At The New Moon – (approximately two days before and two days after the New Moon)

The New Moon is the beginning of each Moon cycle. It is a seed-planting time, so whatever you focus on around the New Moon is what you are, either consciously or unconsciously, asking to manifest. In other words, if you choose and set intentions consciously, you will manifest these intentions—or at least learn more about who you need to become to manifest the things you desire.

But on the other hand, if you are not choosing and setting intentions consciously, you might be manifesting more of what you are unconsciously choosing. So if you have negative thoughts, you might be unintentionally manifesting more of what is causing your fear, worry, or stress.

I recommend that you create an alignment statement or a statement of intention around the New Moon. The alignment statement is simply a statement of what you want. It is good to include the results or outcomes that you want to experience, and the positive feelings this result will bring you. It’s important to make the alignment statement in the present tense as if it has already happened, even if you have never had this experience before.

See the following alignment statements examples for inspiration:

  1. I have no pain in my body. I feel strong, light, and free.
  2. I no longer feel worried about money. I know my needs will be taken care of, which gives me the freedom to do my creative work.
  3. My issue with [XYZ person] is resolved. I feel relaxed in my relationship with this person, and I feel safe speaking my mind.

2. Take Action at the Waxing Moon – (the two  week period when the Moon is getting bigger each day)

While the Moon is waxing, keep your alignment statement in mind as you move forward and take risks. Take action, try new things, experiment, and explore. Try not to judge yourself, or at least notice the judgments you do have. (Noticing judgments and self-criticism is the first step to taking away the power they have over you.)

3. Find Meaning at the Full Moon (approximately two days before and after the Full Moon)

The Full Moon is the midpoint and culmination of the cycle when something is revealed to you. The Moon’s light is reflected light and symbolizes that something is being reflected back to you with information about aligning with your highest potential.

Around the Full Moon, pay attention and notice what transpires externally (in the events and circumstances of your life) and internally (in your thoughts and feelings).

During the Full Moon, review your intentions or the alignment statement you chose at the New Moon. Ask yourself, “What is unfolding that has meaning for me?”

See these examples of how meaning might show up:

  1. A good conversation creates a breakthrough that helps you move forward on your journey to your intentions.
  2. A book, article, or movie you watch helps you see something you could not see before.
  3. Emotions come up, and feeling them helps cleanse and clear away some old stories or patterns that no longer serve you.

4. Process Information at the Waning Moon (the two week period when the Moon is getting smaller each day

While the Moon is waning, you are processing, digesting, and integrating what transpired around the Full Moon. Give yourself the support and time you need to adjust and adapt to new awareness and open to seeing new possibilities on the horizon.

5. Review and Align with the Next New Moon

On the next New Moon, review your alignment statement and notice what has evolved in the past month. What have you learned? Consider making changes to your alignment statement if things have changed for you, then, re-state your next alignment statement with a nice deep breath.

By following the Moon’s cycles with your intention and willingness to learn and grow, you will discover new things about what you are capable of, and open to the ways the universe supports you in living your highest potential for joy, freedom, abundance, healing, and love.

What are you going to choose as your first alignment statement?


About The Author

Marina Ormes is a retired holistic nurse. She is an evolutionary astrologer, author, and holistic healer of over 25 years. Visit her website at to create your own soul-based action plan using the cycles of the Moon.

*Astrological information is not a replacement for help from a licensed healthcare provider or other professional. Always seek assistance from appropriate professionals when needed.





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