Sonja Courtis joins The Energy Healing Magazine

Sonja Courtis, born in New Zealand.

She is a self proclaimed ‘Emotional Wellbeing Specialist’ and lives and breathes overall wellbeing, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. She specialises in assisting people find the root cause of their physical and emotional issues using a process called ‘Biocompass”. Her specialist area is anxiety, depression (including post natal), panic attacks, chronic stress, unresolved grief sadness and loss and Birth Trauma.

She is a trained practitioner in:

Biocompass® (Meta Health analysis of dis-ease and illness)

Matrix Reimprinting (using EFT)

Matrix Birth Reimprinting practitioner

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique level III practitioner

Matrix Reimprinting and Emotional Freedom Technique ambassador

Over the past 24 years she has studied and had experience in the fields of psychology, spirituality, META (Mind Body) health, energy work and mindset transformation. During that time (for over 15 years) she was also a qualified expert teacher specializing in working with children with trauma backgrounds, special needs and behavioural issues.

She embarked on the journey of helping others after the death of her brother to suicide when he was only 15 years old and this has taken her on a personal immersion into the field of understanding human psychology and physical illness and in particular issues of mental health. This has further lead me to train in the Energy Psychology, and how the mind and emotions affect physical wellbeing.

She has assisted 100s of people in overcoming chronic stress and anxiety.

She is a published author, presenter, speaker and trainer in EFT, having been published in four books two of which focused on Alternative health and wellbeing sciences. Also feature in a number of online publications as well as run workshops on Stress relief both privately as well as at Mainstream Medical providers and the corporate sector.

Sonja will be writing a regular column for The Energy Healing Magazine starting from next week.

instagram – healthyhealed

LinkedIn – Sonja Courtis

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