Overcoming Anxiety with a form of Quantum EFT

Have you ever had anxious thoughts, and no matter how much you try to think positively ad tell yourself you won’t, use affirmations or make changes to your outer world, the anxiety still exists? – Learn how a form of Energy Psychology called ‘Matrix Reimprinting’ can assist you to overcome the causes of the anxiety, thereby greatly reducing the symptoms.

Ever wondered why it takes so long, if at all, to overcome anxiety with traditional talk therapies? Why can we not just talk out the problem over time and it go away? There is a simple explanation for this; anxiety isn’t just a psychological or mental issue, it is also Physiological/physical one. Just ask anyone who has or had ever suffered from anxiety, anxiousness and panic attacks and they will tell you how much the anxiety is just as much (if not more) about a physiological feeling and response as it is about thoughts and mental responses.

So in order to overcome anxiety, we need to go much deeper than just treating the psychological symptoms. We also need to address the mind body connection of the anxiety, in order to overcome the root cause of the issue. Traditional talk therapies do not treat the biggest component of anxiety – the interconnection between the invisible Mind and the visible Body, that meaning the physical/energetic aspects of anxiety need to be addressed as well as the psychological/mental ones.

Just to explain this mind body connection from a historical scientific perspective. Traditional western medicine has been based around the concept of ‘materialist’ science. Materialist science has held the view that the mind and body are separate and should therefore be treated as such. It taught us that if a physical (or mental) problem occurred in our body we only needed to focus on treating the physical symptoms, this included medicating for mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety or barbaric treatments such as electric shock therapy. This process of treatment only focuses on the effects and symptoms, NOT the underlying cause.


So what causes Anxiety? A simple definition is that anxiety is a fear of the future or a worry of something bad happening in the future. This fear is triggered based on a previous past significant emotional event/s where we felt unsafe, unprotected or at risk. It is worth mentioning the size of the threat is irrelevant it is about what the individual made it mean at the time of the threat, fear is based on perception. What one person finds a threat another person doesn’t. These feelings usually happen after an event that was perceived as traumatic or significantly emotional and can happen at any age around any event. These emotional events then get stored in the brain’s subconscious (where the 95% majority of our behaviour is stored away). The events also get stored by the cells of the body and this cellular memory meaning that the body has it’s own capacity to remember by storing information in the outer membrane of the cells in the physical body, due to the interplay between thoughts and the body and the energy that these thoughts create we have an automated response of fight or flight that over time becomes feelings such as anxiousness or panic attacks. This concept of mind body connection is explained by the science of epigenetics and the work of Dr Bruce Lipton in his book “Biology of Belief”. Dr Lipton’s work goes into detail about how the cells of our body store and remember significant emotional events just as much as our mind does. The work of the ‘Heartmath’ institute supports this idea of body memory by going even further by explaining that the heart has it’s own memory and can remember events through feeling more powerfully than the brain can through thought. To think our heart and body remember just as much (if not more than our cranial brain) explains why relying on isolated symptomatic treatments for anxiety often does not work. The work of Dr Besel Van Der Kolk in his book “The Body Keeps the Score’ explains this in detail. He did phenomenal work in the 60-80s on anxiety and trauma treatment and how the body remembers everything we have ever experienced (good and bad events). This is evident when we think about smells and sounds that evoked sensations in the body that bring about positive memories.


All of these ways to remember a significant emotional event have one common connection – they create a charge (energy) for the individual which acts as a blue print to how they react to events in their life. Negative limiting beliefs and events have a negative charge to them. This Charge is sending out an invisible signal to the world around us and to our body. We need to actually change this charge or switch it off in order to change how we feel and act. So whereas before we believed in the Newtonian laws of science or separatism of mind and body, we now have moved to the more Quantum Physics concept of invisible charge and energy (as purported by Albert Einstein’s work. He theorized (and this has now been scientifically proven) that everything has it’s own vibrational energy (charge) that is affecting our experience of life and how healthy we are and whether or not we experience physical symptoms. This is the mind body connection in action – negative thoughts = negative energy = negative energy = poor physical and mental health. It is worth noting, in the cases of many children who have anxiety, they have taken on the charge of their parents (often the mother) In utero and can therefore develop anxiety from a very early age.


As already mentioned, If an event is perceived as significantly threatening to us (based on our own unique perception and experience) we then begin to create (often) irrational fear and incessant worry in case it occurs again. So how do we integrate the mind and body and shift not just the negative thoughts and beliefs but also the negative physical symptoms and experiences associated with anxiousness and anxiety? With an integrated Mind Body and Energy healing Process such as “Matrix Reimprinting”


Matrix Reimprinting differs from traditional therapy because it allows the clients to not only work on clearing the negative beliefs or perceptions of life and changing them to positive ones (which is a psychological approach) it also allows us to clear the associated ‘charge’ or energy stored in the body that is associated with past traumatic events (this is the physiological response).

The best way to explain how Matrix Reimprinting works, is to give an example of a client case. Rachael* *had recently moved with her husband from NZ to Australia. She knew no one and lived in a city that was unfamiliar with no friends to call upon. Within a matter of months she was experiencing panic attacks and constant anxiety. No matter how hard she tried to rationalize the behaviour as not necessary, she was constantly triggered. So she came to work with me and, using the Matrix Reimprinting process, we identified emotions, beliefs and feelings causing the anxiety. We were then able to track back to some core negative beliefs she had created as a child. These negative beliefs included; “It is not safe,” “Bad things will happen”, “I am alone”, “Something dangerous will happen.” All these beliefs stemmed from significant (perceived) traumatic events in Rachael’s childhood.


As it turned out, Rachael was an only child, so her family constantly worried and were over protective of her. Her mum was particularly anxious and fretted about her when she was away from the house, and she made this obvious to Rachael. Rachael learned that to be away from home was dangerous. This included going on school camps and to friends’ houses after school. We also discovered that her mum had had anxiety herself and this was passed to Sandy in the womb (science is now proving that issues are passed from generation to generation through our DNA).

Fast forward 30 years and all it took was one trigger, that of moving away from home to bring up these anxious feelings again for her. Using ‘Matrix Reimprinting’ we could identify the underlying cause and address the no longer useful beliefs and ideas that stemmed from these events. Hey presto! Rachel’s panic attacks disappeared and her anxiety no longer exists. We shifted the mindset and the energy at the same time.

So how did we find these forgotten events? We used the associated feelings of panic and fear that Rachel was feeling and their charge in the body to lead us back to the deeply imbedded memories. It is a case of using the body to guide us to find the underlying mental cause.

Because (as has now been learned in this article) the body remembers too, using the body to find the root cause is a much quicker way to find out than relying on talking alone. This ‘tuning in’ process is based on the deeply researched energy psychology technique of ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ (EFT). EFT is a form of ‘acupuncture with fingertips’ or ‘First Aid for the Emotions’. Acupuncture itself is based on 1000s of years of eastern medical principals developed by the chinese, that understood that the body has it’s own energy system and when you stimulate the invisible energy system by placing needles in it at various points, you can move the negative energy through the body, thereby releasing physical pain. With EFT (and Matrix Reimprinting), instead of using needles on the energy points, we use fingertips and lightly tap. This has the same effect the key point of difference is that EFT and Matrix Reimprinting address the mindset AND the physical issue at the same time not just

Please note this case is not necessarily a typical one but it does highlight how simple and quickly we can overcome anxiety with the right tools. It has been my experience of working with clients that anxiety need not be a permanent issue in one’s life. Ironically, the belief that we think anxiety is something we have to live with and can’t be overcome is merely a limiting belief in itself. And this belief, (as we have just seen) can also be changed!

With that thought in mind, what possibilities would open up for you if your anxiety no longer existed? Let me reassure you, the impossible is indeed possible. It really is all about the energy.



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