Your Mind Body Fitness & WellBeing Balanced

An exciting way to start the week here at The Energy Healing Magazine as we see our latest book title “Your Mind Body Fitness & WellBeing Balanced” published.

Within these pages of Your Mind Body Fitness & WellBeing Balanced we will be sharing some professional thought provoking tips and advice plus some personal stories from contributors from around the globe.

Our writers come from very different walks of life. And yet the common theme in all their stories is the fact that life has presented them some incredible challenges and insights either through their work or illnesses experienced.

We’d like to say a huge “Thank You” to all our contributors that have made this book project possible:

Fran McElwaine         Tatiana Mercier              Lisa Palmer

Les Flitcroft       Juliet Hollingsworth       Emma Woolrich

Joanna Shurety   Dorothea L. Gordon    Anjay Zazulak

Patrick San Francesco   Kelly Sanders         

Dr Uma Dinsmore     Sarah Jones

By collaborating together we can achieve so much more…




To take a peek at what’s in stall, we’d like to share a few paragraphs from our sample chapterDealing With Chronic Health Issues And Finding Your Way Back To Health – written by Fran McElwaine from Real Health & Wellness.


If you’d like to pick up your copy simply Click Here 

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