The Healing Power of Nature – Your Environment and Foods

We’re really excited here at The Energy Healing Magazine as we see the launch of our latest book project “The Healing Power of Nature – Your Environment and Foods”. We’ve gathered together a group of amazing professionals within the Health and WellBeing industry from all around the globe to share their thought provoking insights and knowledge.

This book is packed with ideas on how by even making simple changes to your environment and the foods you eat daily can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. Also how Mother Nature can lend a hand in your wellbeing and has the power to heal, if you give her some of your time.

Sharing The Thought Leaders Who Have Contributed

A Chapter To This Book:

 Angela Segal PhD,     Dr Aamer Khan,    Charlie Lemmer,

Sharon Kennewell,    Sonya Dibbin,    Ali Mortimer,

 Amanda Price,    Dani Trapani,   Kris Deminick, 

Renae Cobley,  Kelly Sanders,    Angelina Nizzardi 

I’d like to personally thank all the contributors that have taken part in this book, “The Healing Power of Nature – Your Environment and Food”. Without you this would not have been possible. Now, lets share with the rest of the world and make it a better place to live in – Jacqueline Rose.

Angela Segal PhD



Our sample chapter has been written by Angela Segal PhD – Does Nature Lift Your Mood And  Contribute To Your Well-Being? Click Here

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