Winners Of The Top Ten Energy Healing Awards 2022

With every year that passes it brings with it not only new challenges for us to overcome but also some great opportunities for us to share and grow as energy healers.

We’re so excited here at The Energy Healing Magazine to have found even more energy healing practitioners during the course of 2022 that in many cases have created improved ways to help their clients either through products and services or new ideas with Energy Healing techniques.

Once again we just love this time of year when we can celebrate and bring together some of the worlds finest Energy Healing Practitioners, giving them the recognition they truly deserve by acknowledging them with an Award for Excellence.  Not only do these nominee’s change the lives of so many of their clients but also their clients families/friends and communities too within the world of Energy Healing.

So, drum roll please, as The Energy Healing Magazine and The Big Top Ten are proud to present The Top Ten Energy Healing Practitioners from around the globe in 2022. These Top Ten Energy Healers have all been recognised for their outstanding contribution made by their best business practices for their clients, in their local communities or by inspiring and mentoring other Energy Healers in 2022.

Not wishing to offend any other brilliant Energy Healing Practitioners out there, we must point out that this list is by no means exhaustive or definitive.  All of the nominee’s have all been nominated either by their own clients that they have personal helped. Or via the call-outs The Energy Healing Magazine have put out for exceptional work they have produced by Energy Healing in 2022.

Congratulations & Seasons Greetings to you all from

Jacqueline Rose (editor) and the team…

Sven Huckenbeck of

Das König Ludwig – Inspiration Spa

Sven Huckenbeck

Sven Huckenbeck, MSc, University educated sport scientist and holistic spa concept designer. He has extensive experience in biomechanics and also in treatments such as myoreflex therapy, accupunct-massage, naturopathy and relaxation massages. Practical teaching of various massage techniques and his own bio-balance concept, a combination of biomechanical and mental balancing, energetic harmonizing and neurological reset for alignment and presence. Excellent treatment results with a positive impact on sports (amateur and professional), health, beauty and coaching processes.

Vast know-how of various fitness and sports therapy concepts. Winner of several international spa awards: Best Spa Manager Continent Europe 2016 – World Luxury Spa Awards, Global Director of the Year 2020 (HoW-Awards), Spa Personality of the Year 2022 – Wellness Aphrodite. Read More


Akleema The Reiki Lighthouse

The Reiki Lighthouse

Akleema is a Reiki Master Practitioner who resides in the beautiful country of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. She practices Usui, Usui/Holy Fire III © Reiki and Karuna © Holy Fire III © Reiki. She has a tremendous passion for Reiki and is very enthusiastic about educating the people of Trinidad and Tobago about Reiki. She has professional membership with the International Centre for Reiki Training (United States), The Reiki Healing Association (United Kingdom) and the Centre for Reiki Research (United States).

Her publications in the field of Reiki has demonstrated her knowledge and skills about the field of Reiki and also she acts a coach and a fellow mentor to other Reiki professionals across the globe. Akleema enjoys practicing Reiki on a daily basis and offering healing to others. She is also passionate about helping women and children and empowering them about being their “Authentic Self”. She was featured in the Trinidad and Tobago WOMENs “She Can Campaign” and also launched WOMENs Path to Loving Yourself, as a panellist on “Self Love and Self Care”. She also offers Free Reiki and Reiki Education Programs throughout the year. Akleema also engages in numerous charity drives and helping different families who are in need due to financial difficulties, in need of school books and supplies or those who have been affected by natural disasters in the country such as flooding. Read More

Antonia Harman of

Divine Empowerment Energetic Evolution

Antonia Harman

Antonia Harman Energy Trauma Expert Renowned Healer Antonia Harman is an energetic force to be reckoned with. She is a renowned emotional trauma expert and healer and has treated thousands of people around the world for a range of debilitating traumas ranging from chronic depression and anxiety to helping people un-leash their own divine empowerment. Antonia believes that any negative feelings, emotions and thoughts can be broken down and dissolved – so people can be free on a path to happiness regardless of the trauma and pain they have previously been through. Read More


Mashenka Barlag Healing, Kinesiology & Spinal Flow

Mashenka Barlag
Mashenka is a Spinal Flow Practitioner, Energy Healer and Kinesiologist who runs a busy practice on the Gold Coast, Australia.  Her primary focus in on stressed out mummas and creating a wholesome nurturing environment to support their growth and healing journey. She works on the whole family unit too and has a special affinity for special needs kids.  She is also an NDIS provider. Read More

Yolandi Boshoff of Divine Soul

Yolandi Boshoff

Yolandi was a successful business analyst in the financial industry, working for international clients, financially abundant but spiritually something was lacking. It was only after she had her Akashic Records read that she made the connection to actually being a healer. A few months later the Universe orchestrated her redundancy and her life changed dramatically. Yolandi now works as a Soul coach with clients in more than 35 countries across the world. Read More

Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Transformational Coaching

Jessica Boston

I have over a decade of experience, seeing clients all over the world and helping them create positive, lasting changes in their lives – sometimes as soon as in the first session. My practice is creative, intuitive – and underpinned by extensive training and certification. I use formal psychological techniques alongside more magical, spiritual practices: cognitive hypnosis, trauma rewiring, spiritual work and theory, breath work, energy practices, shamanistic principles and shadow work. Read More


Heather Cassidy – Crystal Healing Cheshire

Heather Cassidy

Heather is an energy healer specialising in crystal healing, she also works with archangel healing, cupping and acupuncture. Heather started her journey into energy healing when she was attuned to Reiki, but had been working with crystals, pendulums and seeing spirit since childhood. Read More.


Charlie Greig of WHO AM I?

Charlie Greig

I am a Spiritual and Mindfulness Teacher, a published author “Depressed to Happy” and certified Soul Plan Reader with 10 years experience. Having undertaken this journey personally and helped hundreds of clients through my sessions, I understand the process of awakening at a fundamental level. I am highly effective because I have experienced how debilitating it is to be depressed, lost and stuck. My personal journey started by asking myself one fundamental question. WHO AM I? Read More


Carolyn King of Empowered Happiness

Carolyn King

Carolyn King is the owner and founder of Empowered Happiness and has helped thousands release negative emotions and trauma assisting them to transition to a more fulfilled and happy life.

She uses a multi-disciplinary approach which includes kinesiology, mBit, Mindfulness and Happiness coaching, tapping, NLP, Reiki, creativity, oracle cards and meditation. She is a Kinesiologist, mBit / Life / Mindfulness / Happiness Coach, Reiki Master, Master Lightworker Practitioner, Meditation Facilitator, HeartMath Practitioner, Ho’Oponopono Practitioner and Angel Intuitive.  She is also a corporate speaker, blogger, creator of the world’s first Kinesiology “Kinesi” cards and international author of Empowered Happiness, Discovering Bliss Beyond Depression and has co-authored many other books. Read More

Belinda Aloisio from Belinda

Belinda Aloisio from Belinda

Belinda is a leading International Transformational Life Coach, specialising in powerful and intuitive coaching, Rapid Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy for greater alignment and empowerment.
Life can often unexpectedly throw curveballs in one or more areas of our lives, be it our personal lives, careers, relationships, mental and physical health, finances and spiritual connections, leaving us feeling disconnected and without a clear direction or path insight. Read More


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