Sven Huckenbeck From The Inspirational Spa – Hotel König Ludwig

Sven Huckenbeck

My whole life consists of the fascination for movement and bodywork. Through years of practice in Asian martial arts and later training in the performing arts, the basis of the body-soul work was laid. The study of sports science, in particular biomechanics, revealed “movement characters” that are reflected as essential patterns in various areas of sports and general life.

The later training in various forms of therapy revealed findings that have hardly been connected in practice up to now. Therapeutic methods coupled with dynamic mediation strategies from modern sports science achieve exceptional efficiency in terms of our self-healing. The human being as a dynamic, moving body has excellent self-regulation skills as long as the body “functions”.

The musculature as a completely underestimated organ has become my approach to body work. In my Bio-Balance concept, self-regulating and harmonizing processes are linked to promote lightness that can be experienced individually. Balance and harmony are addressed on all important levels: biomechanical, energetic, neurological, lymphatic and ultimately also emotional. All lifestyle-impaired functions are harmonized without a focus on symptoms. Ultimately, the musculature is the „success-organ” of our emotion and is therefore of central importance of our body & mind connection. Results can be seen immediately in measurable parameters for example in the golf swing or other biomechanical optimisations, increase of personal performance in acting on stage with a better physical and emotional balance, reduction of pain by optimisation of functional movements which had to suffer from livelong stress- and sitting conditions.

The framework conditions are decisive for the success or failure of healing. As a result, a modern spa with a really healthy nutritional concept, a wide range of water, heat and cold, mental guidance, effective body treatments, a function-oriented range of exercise and natural cosmetic care is the key to a valuable spa experience.
That´s why I am still working hands on in this beautiful business to bring easiness, sense of joy and health to the people.

Nominee’s Top 3 Achievements Over The Last 12 Months

I´ve developed new spa concept on Salutogenetic basis for the Hotel König Ludwig – Inspiration Spa
integrating holistic food, mental coaching, holistic inspiration for example by connecting the sauna
experience with the dinner menu, using the marvellous nature, green luxury cosmetics with healing
potential, integration of my Bio-Balance Concept including manual & energetic treatments and a
muscle hygiene as a daily 3 minutes homework.

There were so many guests who were so exhausted, especially after the last 2 years, and who have
now found their centre again through a significantly improved presence and balance. There was so
much gratitude expressed in emails and personal feedback about the reduction of body stress, that I
decided to make this public. Simply to be able to accompany even more people into lightness and stability.

The repercussions of the body and energy work on the mental state and the associated zest for life is
such a valuable asset. Unfortunately, far too little is known about these connections. The self-healing
competence is the best doctor. It is our task as therapists to create a positive and effective
environment full of trust and attentiveness in order to promote and develop exactly this
competence again.

With this approach, I want to redefine the meaning of spa, especially in Europe. The approach of
Salutogenesis, the strengthening of our positive potential, is the greatest opportunity to master the
existing crisis on our own responsibility. The spa industry has the very best potential to promote
health through a healthy lifestyle that can be experienced. Well-founded work on all levels of
physical and mental being is an essential key to personal happiness in independence and personal

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