Stefano Battaglia of Glowing Flow

Stefano Battaglia

His original approach combines many influences including mindfulness, vipassana meditation and refined non-invasive osteopathy. These disciplines enable him to connect with discretion and delicacy to the heart of the individual, unlocking body memories that can over time result in tensions and imbalances, to enable a profound inner wellbeing.

On receiving treatment from Battaglia, you are then prompted to find new ways to dissolve knots and contractures, to rediscover your own energy potential, and to reconnect with your true life essence.



Nominee’s Achievements (over the last 12 months)

Although he doesn’t like being in the spotlight he gained international visibility thanks to the important results guests reached through his work, moreover guests suffering from emotional imbalances and depression, chronic insomnia, severe menopausal damages.

He just launched his Retreat Glowing Flow for inner healing Tailored entirely to the individual, it consists of a series of sessions, follow-up meetings, meditation sessions and Mindful Living, the aim being to restore a ‘spontaneous naturalness towards oneself and one’s life’.

Finding your self, letting go, discovering, expanding, transforming and welcoming become key words to reach a new awareness and rediscover one’s energy potential. Glowing Flow aims to increase creativity, calm the mind, lighten the heart and offers refined experiences to rekindle the inner flame and highlight everyone’s innate brightness. Harness the canon of wellbeing with a holistic approach, the programme is an intriguing mix of mindfulness, trauma healing, intuitive healing and refined experiential techniques of inner contact.

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