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Emma Woolrich

Through a holistic approach including natropathy, meditation and energy healing she ‘transformed’ over 47 years of ‘stuff’ that had been building inside of her. She lost over 14 kgs, and healed memories connected with the physical pain she was experiencing. She condensed her Self healing into a simple framework for anyone, irrelevant of age, background, beliefs to connect physically, mentally and spiritually to themselves in their own unique way.

Spiritually You Orb Genetics ® is a meditation style framework underwritten by the International Institute of complementary therapies IICT and is recognised as an approved training provider of her modality in 27 countries. She has practitioners in 3 countries and clients all over the world. It is available both as face to face, zoom or remote via her recently launched online version of the program. Her work has been featured in local, national and international media and hosted at the Melbourne Mind Body & Spirit.

Her mission is to positively impact over 1 billion people across the planet to unleash their own hidden gifts and leave behind a Self healing legacy that can be used by individuals from all walks of life in a simple daily, weekly and monthly set of practices. Her clients have achieved awesome success empowering themselves to leave jobs they hate and create income streams they love. Some have reversed chronic illnesses. Others have simply created a better sleep routine and are now using their dreams as an untapped resource to solve problems they face in their life whilst they sleep.


Nominee’s Achievements (over the last 12 months)

Problem solving and solutions focused mindset Early in 2019 I was 1 practitioner knowing that Spiritually You Orb Genetics ® needed to get into the hands of as many people as possible. That wasn’t going to happen with 1 person! Sure I had many many clients achieving awesome success empowering themselves using the meditation style framework, but I had received a very clear dream telling me that I needed to go faster.

In fact the information given to me was very specific. I needed a minimum of 1299 practitioners globally to ensure this modality reached the people it needed to across our planet. I knew the modality needed global credibility and set about going through the process of having my modality registered and underwritten by the International Institute of Complementary Therapies. I then went through the long process of becoming registered as an Approved Training Provider of my modality, which would mean added credibility for other practitioners who wanted to learn and teach to their clients globally. I had also been given very clear steps which countries to go to for the initial practitioners. Australia, NZ, Canada, US and UK. I trademarked my modality starting in Australia August 2019, knowing that international trademark would be next on the list.

In November 2019 I held my very first Spiritually You Orb Genetics ® practitioner training, attended by students from Australia and NZ. I was also needing to test if only individuals who had themselves gone through the program could become practitioners, or whether any holistic practitioner could achieve the same levels of transformation. So I ensured I had a mix of individuals. As it turned out, no prior program knowledge was needed!! As at 23/11/2020 we now have practitioners in Australia, NZ and now Canada!

With UK soon to follow. Our practitioners range from no prior energy healing or meditation experience and no previous business experience, to holistic business owners with many modalities under their belt. Due to COVID the latest practitioners have all been remote trained. The value they bring to their clients lives or businesses.

With the recent launch August 2020 of the online version of the program I was really testing if this program could have the same impact on clients taking themselves through the program, rather than being led by the hand with a practitioner. I have been blown away by the individuals who are rediscovering or uncovering their own connection to themselves.

One individual in the UK has also been sharing her daily and weekly practices with her husband and teaching him. In her words, “he has undiagnosed Autism and is finding lockdown extremely challenging. He isn’t sleeping”. “When he started doing the daily practice, he has found he is much calmer and is now having no difficulty with sleep!” The precursor to the program is a simple 5 day challenge to connect people to their dreams and sleep.

In August 2020 I created a set of videos to help individuals have access for life. The added benefit of achieving a deeper sleep is something that was a complete accident, but has helped literally hundreds of people whilst we have all been in lockdown and I am eternally grateful there was something that could be used to help. Impact on clients, other business owners to mentor and inspire and innovate With the very first practitioner training, I knew that there were 2 things that had stopped me moving from Corporate into my own business years previously. One a lack of business understanding and two a dread of Technology and everything that went with it. So in the run up to my first practitioner training I devised a 12 month mentorship program. One that would fill all the gaps that I had encountered as I was trying to send my modality out into the world.

A year on, the practitioners have grown their own unique tribe to over 1000 people. They have created their own marketing for the modality and taken a number of individuals through the program. They are recognising the type of clients that are looking for them and the unique problems they are solving through Spiritually You Orb Genetics. The whole rationale behind practitioners was to create a global community where we could support each other to help each other grow and continue to learn as the modality evolved.

In August 2020 with the support of our practitioners I launched the online version of the program. This has now created an aspect of the program allowing individuals from any timezone to go through the program at their own pace. We have a support FB group where our online clients are sharing their experiences and questions and being supported by our entire practitioner community. This is enabling us to reach even more people globally and as new aspects of the modality are born, most noticeably with a new bonus session – Ribbons of sound for session 6, these are accessed immediately by our online community.

Every new aspect is shared in our monthly practitioners check ins and chats. This is so that every practitioner has a voice and is involved in the modality sharing best practice from their own experiences with their own clients. This is helping create innovative solutions and additional materials that are constantly being updated to always ensure our clients are receiving the very latest guided downloads as I receive them.


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