Stefano Battaglia – Glowing Flow Retreat

Stefano Battaglia from Glowing Flow Retreat

He’s a genuine spiritual seeker with the Researcher’s approach to his work, combining science and intuition, quality of touch and laser mind, clinical and wellness experience. His sessions are the results of more than 20 years of therapeutic experience and of his life’s commitment to self improvement as a human being. Inspirations shared by the exceptional Masters he met in his life, his authentic heart and his joyful personality give depth and quality to his approach.

He is actually Master Therapists at Preidlhof Healing Wellness Resort, in Italy and part of the Integrated Healing Team. The quality of his work improves with the years, not only the quality of his touch but also his healing consultations and follow up.


Nominee’s 3 Achievements (over the last 12 months)

  1. Stefano inaugurated his own healing Retreat for spiritual seekers and people in need of deep healing and emotional transformation. This was amazing, allowed him to give guidance to young people feeling lost, boost inspiration for creative people feeling stuck and aging women overwhelmed by menopause challenges.
  2. He served in a really integrated way among a group of exceptional therapists, this is rare because being each one very skilled and experienced in different techniques (tcm, Ayurveda, shiatsu, complementary medicine) it’s difficult to enhance others’ merits and capabilities and keep the good if the guests as final goal, he did it and the whole team evolved. Trauma healing and meditation through the body are very special approaches and need great verbal and non verbal communication skills to get appreciated and effectiveness both with guests and colleagues.
  3. Stefano’s sessions Glowing Flow created huge benefits for guests in need and Vips hotel guests, life changing effects in few sessions (physical recovery, stop of addictions, opening of the heart, career change, emotional recovery..). He introduced to meditation many guests both in their 20s and 60s that reached put with feedbacks to confirm life’s enhancements after a short time through simple routine. His sessions were also successfully offered to young Therapists in search for holistic keys to plan their “career” in wellness while healing their own life.

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