Larissa Beattie of Saramatu

Larissa Beattie

Larissa began healing herself in her early teens, communicating with past loved ones and feeling energies around her. Then the death of her boyfriend in her early twenties only expanded her abilities to communicate with energies on the other side.

Depression and significant physical injuries lead Larissa deeper, to discover the energetic healing modality of Reiki and soon mastered the elements. Larissa then experienced a mass awakening in 2012. Overnight becoming a trance channel, speaking thousands of dialects of light language and performing psychic surgery. Spending 5 years at the side of a Grand Master and stepping into her own mastery.

These awakenings all occurred whilst serving 22 years in the Royal Australian Air Force, working in a very male dominated trade, she was a voice of gender equality and cultural change.

Dedicated to the awakening of humanity and awakening the sleeping masters on earth, Larissa began her own business 18 months ago, called Saramatu. Saramatu is Larissa’s soul name and an incarnation of her higher self that has come into form to assist in awakening the masters.

Larissa is a divorced single mother of two teenagers, living in Canberra, Australia.

Nominee’s 3 Achievements (over the last 12 months)
1. Developed, ran and facilitated my first live 3 day spiritual retreat called ‘The Light Within Retreat’. The retreat gives time, space, support and guidance to spiritual teachers and light workers to reconnect with themselves, to clear out the debris of life and the chaos in which they choose to help calm. Whilst much teaching is channeled and activations by higher consciousness received, what’s most important is the rejuvenation of the light-worker.
Many beautiful experiences occur over the three days. Participants dive deep within themselves and the body’s energetic systems, clearing, cleansing and repairing it. They were activated to and began speaking light language and were gifted by the universe their very own team of energetic surgeons that within hours were channeling through them and healing other participants.
Teachers and light-workers that work individually with Saramatu (across Australia and internationally) have had and are still having significant shifts within their lives, personally and professionally on all levels of physical, mental and emotional. Life’s debris has been cleared and the door opened for the path to the higher self to begin.2. Developed and then expanded the Saramatu Ackalite program and pathway (ackalite meaning understudy) is a 12 month mentoring and coaching program that accelerates the participants spiritual growth and vibration up to 5 years. No other program exists like this world wide.This highly supportive program is very individualised and focuses on breaking down the human programs and the ego, allowing for its release and the aspects of self governing them to leave the physical form. As this occurs energetic space is created for aspects of the higher self to come into human form. This program also has a group blending process where all individuals come together on the one platform to hold and build light for collective consciousness. All as equals, no ego present.
This spiritual mentoring program is not easy for the teachers and light workers that participate. They are forced, through energetic release, to look at and address all elements of their life. All finding that as they do so their energetic gifts are enhanced and turned on, their ability to build, hold light and clear collective consciousness is significant. When working together millions of lives are affected.
This program is run across all corners of Australia via zoom, a forced change due to Covid but for the better. Energetically no different than sitting in the same room for the participant but the impact for collective consciousness has risen significantly due its now vast expansion in energetic grid and network reach. 90% of the program is delivered via trance channeling, with access to Light Beings whenever required. Significant changes occurring regularly to the teachers and light workers involved, repair, upgrade or replacement to their energetic field and chakra systems to sometimes the complete replacement of the 222 layers of the energetic field.
The program’s mentoring pathway leads individuals to become teachers themselves where they mentor and guide, continually clearing, pulling up and raising the vibration of the collective.3. Living a life of service and trying to reach as many people as possible, Saramatu delivers her gift for all to receive through live and recorded Light code and DNA code activations, light language transmissions and teachings. Performed in the ‘live’ setting on Facebook. These free sessions help individuals to come back to themselves, simple easy tools, exercise and meditations to help clear, cleanse and heal on a physical, mental and emotional level.
Larissa/Saramatu are no longer afraid to be their true self in trance form (light beings speaking through her) and sharing the love and light. These powerful activations pack a punch either live or watching the recording, showing the effectiveness of her access to higher consciousness.To find our more visit:

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